Opinion: Corbin-Swagger a no-win situation

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We are only one week removed from Jack Swagger losing to Jinder Mahal then declaring himself “back” on SmackDown the following night. How did the WWE decide to use this supposedly more on-his-game version of the All-American American? By sending him into a feud with Baron Corbin, naturally.

There are issues all over the place with this entire impending feud. Enough of them, to be honest, that the WWE should sincerely think about investing millions of dollars into NASA just so it can send this angle to moon.

One of the more obvious issues is in the fact that we’ve seen this same song and dance from Swagger before. He isn’t on TV for a prolonged period of time, he returns, and the WWE pretends as though he is still a viable threat. Then, upon his triumphant return to picture-boxes throughout the world, he loses to whatever wrestler the company needs to put over.

This has been an American pastime much in the same way baseball is. It has been years since Jack Swagger has been anything other than a guy the WWE uses to help other talent look all neat and shiny. In turn, it makes this feud with Corbin more predictable than it should be.

Let us not forget that big man vs. big man feuds rarely end well. The match itself will be an abomination to the senses.

Sure, it is neat to see two giant humanoids in the ring at the same time, but the moment the match starts that fun feel quickly — with some exceptions — disappears.

What’s more, neither Swagger and Corbin can do much to work a microphone. Teddy Ruxpin has more charisma, charm and originality when speaking than the two of them. How the WWE expects this to become a feud fans will care about is anyone’s guess.

There are only two potential endgames from this situation, too. Either Baron Corbin gets the rub from defeating Jack Swagger. The other option is even less endearing, as Swagger going over Corbin would do the exact opposite of what the WWE has set out to do over the course of the last several months: getting these New Era stars over.

We haven’t even touched on the fact that rumors are forever swirling that Swagger is ready to leave the company. While it is incredibly important to note that those are only rumors, it adds that extra twist into this entire storyline that might make fewer fans be invested.

After all, if the outcome is as predictable as it seems to be, coupled with the only other option being a somewhat non-invested party going over, why in the heck should we care?

It’s hard to think of a singular good reason this feud is about to start. Not a one. There isn’t a good match waiting for us. There are no good promos in our near future.

Fans don’t watch wrestling to consume feuds that are essentially just two guys staring at each other for a couple of weeks before putting on a lackluster match.

Maybe I am wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time (ask my wife). Maybe the lowered expectations this type of angle brings would allow for both competitors to shock and awe us over the course of a month. Not that I would put my money on that or anything, but I sure as hell won’t root against it.

We, the people, aren’t going to be invested in this, WWE. I am telling you.

Opinion: Corbin-Swagger a no-win situation

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