Making the case for Cena, Styles and Ambrose at No Mercy

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No Mercy has turned out to be a surprisingly interesting card. Retirement versus title match, a women’s bout with all the trimmings, and a partridge as well as a luxurious pear tree. Yet, the endgame remains the same as it does for every other WWE Network Special. People want to know who will walk out the world champion.

In an odd twist to the SmackDown’s version of the world championship, all three guys fighting for the strap have legitimate reasons to win the three-way bout.

Let’s make a case for each of them.

Dean Ambrose

“The Lunatic Fringe” is still very much an abomination in the squared-circle. He hasn’t moved about the ring more gracefully as of late, and I will continue to argue that a broken mop can do more than Ambrose. However, he has been on fire on the microphone.

Putting the actual in-ring abilities to the wayside, Ambrose’s character has been the best its been since its singles run incarnation. His entire crazy person gimmick was wearing thin, but he has evolved since losing the title.

Instead of focusing so much on the “I don’t cares, because I’m a crazy person” shtick, Ambrose is taking more direct attacks during promos. This was highlighted on Tuesday’s edition of SmackDown, when he told John Cena that he gets to be himself, and not force a John Cena character just for TV.

It was a brilliant little line that did wonders in heightening the stakes.

Not to mention that the overall vibe — and this again is mostly likely thanks to his mic-work — of his character feels fresher. If you asked many a member of the WWE Universe as little as two months ago about Ambrose, he could have been summed up in one word: crazy. He’s slightly more complex now, and that’s for the better.

Maybe taking the belt off him in the first place was a mistake?

AJ Styles

This one is really easy. World champions shouldn’t lose the belt this quickly. That’s pretty much it, at least from a logical standpoint. We don’t want a hot potato situation with the WWE World Championship.

For terms more specific to Styles, he has remained on fire.

There hasn’t been a performer in the company who has been as consistently great as Styles since he has debuted. He is reliable on the microphone (though, unspectacular), and is certainly a near guarantee to put on a 5-star match whenever he gets inside the ring.

There’s really no good reason to take the strap off him, at least in terms relative to how he has done as the champion. If the WWE yanks the title off him, it would have to be due to other circumstances (re: getting the other guys a title run) and likely nothing at all to do with him.

Sincerely, AJ Styles is the wrestling gift that keeps on giving.

John Cena

John Cena wins lol” no longer exists. He has lost a lot over the last year. So, politely, get your “John Cena is the worst” stuff and toss that garbage right in a dumpster next to the “Roman Reigns can’t wrestle” chants.

Cena getting the win here would have as much to do with timing as it does with everything else.

Assuming the WWE wants him to eventually surpass Ric Flair’s record for most world title runs, which the company would obviously want to highlight at a WrestleMania, Cena would need to win one more just to tie him. Meaning, as Cena is getting older, the WWE is running out of chances to hurl the belt around his belly.

I would actually advocate strongest for Cena to win the title at No Mercy. No. He wouldn’t have a long title run. In fact, it would simply be a win to get him that 16th championship run, so he can later “go after the record” at the next (or even following) WrestleMania.

Cena wins, drops the belt very literally the next SmackDown, and everyone wins.

Making the case for Cena, Styles and Ambrose at No Mercy

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