Making case for each performer in WWE women’s title match

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Talk about hurling three of the Four Horsewomen down our throats in a good way, WWE. In what can be considered the one good build to Clash of the Champions, Charlotte will defend her Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks and Bayley in a triple threat match on Sunday.

That’s some pretty good news for fans of the division. Three top-notch performers all wrestling at the same time? Count us in.

It is an odd situation heading into the match, however. Banks lost her title to Charlotte — at least we assume this to be so — because of health reasons. That is no longer the case. She appears to be healthy. Couple that in with Bayley’s rise to the main event scene happening rather quickly, and it truly opens up the door for any of the competitors in this match to win.

Let’s make a case for each of the wrestlers in this bout to win (or retain) the title.


Is Charlotte as over as the other two women? Nope. But that’s mostly the point, as she is a heel. Considering the division lacks a top heel performer until Nia Jax makes it big and Emma returns to action, it is Charlotte’s heel world and everyone else is just paying rent.

I am of firm belief that most divisions function best with a heel being the champion. It gives us, as fans, reasons to cheer each time the title is on the line. Sure, when a face has the title we will still cheer, but it won’t be with the same sense of urgency as when that good guy (or woman) is chasing the brass ring.

Charlotte has somehow become an underrated performer during this entire run, too. She’s very good in the ring, plays her character perfectly, and is as good as anyone else in the division. Sometimes change for change sake isn’t the greatest idea in the world, and if she is to retain at Clash of the Champions it wouldn’t be that much of an upset.

After all, she has functioned in her role as the top heel in the division very well. There’s no real reason to shift directions at this point.

Sasha Banks

The WWE Universe can’t get enough of Sasha Banks and that is reason enough for her to recapture the title.

Sasha can win this match as a face and the division would be as strong, if not stronger, moving forward because of that. People really, really like and appreciate everything she offers in the ring.

As it is with all three of these competitors, Sasha doesn’t “need” the title to be over. That being said, it would help further solidify her as the face of the division. All this assuming the WWE wants her to be the face of the division, which is arguable considering rumors swirl the Internet fairly regularly that Vince McMahon is convinced she is injury prone.


Listen, I have to be honest when I say that it is shocking that Bayley is already in a title match. Part of her allure in NXT was in her struggle. Her inability to reach that next level. Time after time she would fall just short. It was, at least in part, what made her capturing the NXT Women’s Championship from Sasha Banks such a special moment.

Bayley has “John Cena” potential in the women’s division. Both in the good and bad ways. She will move merchandise with the little ones, already has a super loyal following, and people truly enjoy rooting for her to overcome whatever needs to be overcame at that specific moment in time.

She is much inspiration as she is joy to consume.

While I think it is too early for Bayely to be trotting about the WWE Universe as the Women’s Champion, if the WWE wants to start her John Cena-like run through the division, what better time to do so than right now?

Making case for each performer in WWE women’s title match

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