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Give Bo Dallas the major push that is being inferred


Apparently, all a jobbing WWE Superstar needs to do to get a serious push in the company is get arrested in an airport while drunk as a skunk. I kid, obviously, but it is still funny that the current Bo Dallas push is coming immediately after videos surfaced of him being a wee-bit sloshed while traveling.

That’s not the point. Everyone — of age, of course — has accidentally indulged a little too much from time to time. We aren’t here to judge the man for doing what many other business people do, which is a polite way of saying that our beloved mass-travelers sometimes kill time with a hard drink.

Dallas is receiving rather solid treatment from WWE’s creative team as of late. A now physically-thin version of Dallas has been appearing on Raw regularly over the last month, and while his gimmick hasn’t been completely abandoned, it is certainly a more serious turn on the character than the one we were previous consuming.

Thank goodness for that. So many other characters and angles — everything ever involving Heath Slater, actually — had the potential to be great, but the company normally opts to go the comedy route with it instead. This is clearly not the case here.

In a bit of a stretch of a comparison, Dallas’ current character reminds me of the earliest version of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Wait… don’t leave yet! Give me a chance to explain.

Is Dallas a heel or a face or just a heel who gives zero bleeps about anyone no matter their prior allegiances?

After Monday Night Raw, it appears as though Dallas is the third option, as after he defeated Neville, he decided to whoop on Curtis Axel for, well, reasons currently unknown.

When you couple that in with his mic work, which is something that will be presumably featured more heavily moving forward, Dallas is going to quickly find himself in a position similar to that of Austin after his Jake Roberts, 3:16 promo.

Without there being a ton of good, legit promo workers in the WWE today, Dallas is going to win over audiences with a combination of his incredible ability to work the mic, with a little bit of happenstance (no other good talkers) sprinkled in for good measure.

If the WWE allows Dallas’ character to continue to evolve in this more serious tone on Raw, as well as having him win matches, it seems inevitable that he will get over. After all, it is hard to doubt a man who once got a “super annoying happy, motivational speech guy” over in NXT will have a hard time getting a more realistic, brutal, and violent version of it as over on the main roster.

With Hell in the Cell happening too soon for Dallas to get involved with anything other than a kickoff show match, fully expect the WWE to begin allowing Dallas to unleash his barrage of oral-wordsmith-words-of-wonder sometime shortly after.

He’ll probably have a bout with Axel, maybe even another one-sided affair against another famed name-jobber after that, but the way the WWE has been booking Dallas as of late infers something bigger is waiting for him down the line.

It will still be up to Dallas to make the WWE Universe care enough about him that the WWE itself is patient enough to allow his character to continue to develop. But with Raw needing another set of legitimate stars at its disposal, and with other talent seemingly hitting their glass ceilings, Dallas has all the tools to burst through his… and now he’s being afforded the opportunity to do so.

It is in my opinion, which is preference based and can totally be wrong, that Dallas has been one of the most misused talents in all of the WWE over the last five years. Now that the company is giving him a sincere effort to get himself over without strings attached (at least we don’t think), it isn’t too hard to picture the talent being in a Network Special main event within six months.

Sounds like hyperbole, right? Maybe it is. But, truly, this push being given to Dallas is not only deserved and overdue, but it can potentially be the type that alters the landscape of the company as we know it. I mean, Steve Austin was just “The Ringmaster” before becoming Stone Cold. Bo Dallas is just Bo Dallas… for now.

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