Gallagher a unique talent WWE needs post-CWC

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It is over. The wild Jack Gallagher experience in the Cruiserweight Classic is no more. Last week, the previously barely known Manchester, England talent was eliminated from the entertaining tournament, and a newly developed rabid fanbase is left disappointed. Well, at least for now.

The WWE has to figure out a way to make use of Gallagher moving forward. He is such a special, unique and potential-filled performer who did something most other wrestlers have the hardest time ever doing: He got over in his very first WWE appearance.

Moreover, his level of fame was only going to grow as he continued to wrestle in the CWC. Something that was highlighted when the “Jacky boy” chants that came pouring down during his losing effort. A match that was only his second appearance in front of that crowd.

Before joining a well accomplished stable of wrestlers for the CWC, Gallagher spent the rest of his career competing for lesser known international federations like Futureshock Wrestling and Grand Pro Wrestling. He even has some legitimate MMA experience, 2-0 in that field, having had his last non-scripted fight in April.

That’s the boring background on him. The interesting is in how he currently trots about the squared circle.

Yes, obviously, it is worth noting that his appearance does play a factor in how quickly he got over in the WWE Universe. A small competitor – even for CWC standards – Gallagher is a red-headed, rather pasty and mustached wrestling savant. Really, as it often is in all walks of life, many people likely judged the Gallagher-book by his cover, expecting very little, only to be wowed by his abilities.

Sure, the mustache plays a role in how he has some quickly become beloved, but it would mean very little if he were unable to back it up in the ring.

To explain Gallagher’s in-ring style would be like trying to explain the beauty of Christina Ricci – not only do words not do it justice, but the wonders of both should come understood at this point.

Still, to try to give it an honest shot, Gallagher is a combination of a new-aged William Regal and Daniel Bryan, with some Zack Sabre Jr., Alex Wright and Marty Jannetty sprinkled in – all because (your) god felt the need to cram as much excellence in one human as humanly possible.

He’s the best of this new era of insanely gifted tacticians who can balance technical wrestling with entertainment while also having enough “impact” moves to keep even casual fans engaged.

The WWE can use a talent like this. Not only because the cruiserweight division is returning in the near future, but Gallagher has such a unique blend of implementing a unique character and having an insanely different in-ring style that his potential in the company can be downright filthy – if not one without a ceiling.

And the crowd on the main roster would most certainly take to him. While he shined brightly in front of pro-wrestling-heavy crowds at Full Sail, Gallagher is unlike anything the WWE Universe has seen before. He’s not a generic luchador, a ROH make-a-wrestler lookalike, or some other forced gimmick. Instead, he’s this naturally gifted performer – in character and in the ring – who can win over audiences simply by being himself during a singular match.

We have no idea what the future holds for Jack Gallagher. All we know for sure now is that he’s been eliminated from the CWC. An outcome to a match that left many so disappointed the only similar thing it can be compared to would be to wake up on Christmas only to find no presents underneath the tree.

Gallagher has become the Internet Wrestling Community’s pasty little Christmas present. Now, though, we’d just like to wake up to him being in our lives every single day.

Gallagher a unique talent WWE needs post-CWC

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