Drew Galloway’s improvement has been stunning

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TNA is often considered the place former WWE wrestlers go to figuratively die. Washed up, older and broken, many released and discarded talent has ended up with the company, which has given that perception a solid footing in reality. However, there are some exceptions to that way of thinking.

Drew Galloway, formerly WWE’s Drew McIntyre, being one of them.

Galloway’s improvement in the ring became noticeable toward the end of his WWE run. Despite once being handpicked by Vince McMahon (hello, Roman Reigns) to be the future of the company, his early days with the WWE were so awful that he eventually became relegated to being in a jobber stable.

Yet, oddly, in that Three Man Band gimmick, Galloway’s in-ring work vastly improved. So, too, did his charisma, which was an attribute he severely lacked when he was getting pushed as the next big thing on WWE programming.

Still, at least in the eyes of the WWE, Galloway had run his course. In the summer of 2014, the talent was released from his contract and he was mostly considered a failure by the WWE Universe.

Currently 31 years old, things have changed rather dramatically for Galloway. Different than his 3MB days, he is currently built much more like a heavyweight than the thinner version of himself at the end of his WWE run — Galloway has become a bit tricky to describe as an in-ring talent.

Galloway is now more like a strongman, a bruiser, and the type of wrestler who rather poke you in the eye than do some flashy move to win matches. It isn’t perfect, or necessarily a better style than what he practiced at the end of his WWE run, but it has worked out swimmingly for the Scotland native.

Not that it matters all that much. Galloway’s massive improvement isn’t with his in-ring abilities, it is with his charisma. A thing he lacked for 99 percent of his run with the WWE is now his greatest strength.

No. He isn’t The Rock on the microphone or some transcendent promo cutter. What he has done, though, is become much better in that area and coupled that with being able to better tell a story during a match with his expressions, holds and interactions with the crowd.

That might not seem like a big deal, but that was the only thing holding him back when he was with the WWE. Every other tangible that makes a great professional wrestler had a check mark next to it. He has the look, the size, the aura, all of it. He simply missed the mark because there were inanimate objects with more personality than Galloway put on display.

This is no longer the case. He’s cut several promos — shoots and works — over the course of the last year that provides hope he has figured it out.

Right now, he’s in the early portions of a feud with Ethan Carter III, another talent who has dramatically raised his game since being released from the WWE. Oddly, as a recent promo indicates, both men appear to have no desire to go back to the WWE.

Basically, the two — who are friends — will use and help each other to the point of becoming indy/TNA darlings.

If you asked most wrestling fans as little as a year ago if it would have worked, they would have pointed to Galloway as the reason it wouldn’t. Not anymore. Not now. He’s come so far that his overall work can be seen as being on par with Carter’s — which is high praise.

As for Galloway, a large portion of the wrestling world still likely thinks of him as the guy who failed in the WWE. It’s understandable, but it is unwise, especially if you haven’t seen any of his recent work.

Galloway is finally starting to scratch the surface of his potential, which was the entire reason the WWE was so high on him to begin with.

Drew Galloway’s improvement has been stunning

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