Between the Dirt Sheets: WWE reportedly eyed TNA

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The Internet Wrestling Community is by no means a well-oiled machine. For every great thing it helps produce or bring to light — such as an international talent that would otherwise go unnoticed — the IWC helps spread inaccurate rumors like wildfire.

This isn’t even an actual complaint as much as it is the reality of the situation, but the dirt sheets we so often find ourselves searching for are rarely as consistently accurate as we would like them to be.

Between the Dirt Sheets is an attempt to avoid using hindsight to figure out what is what. Instead, we will try to project if these reports, rumors, gossip and whispers have any merit at all. If we deem them to be somewhat probable, we’ll also look at how it can change the landscape of the sport as we know it.

Pack your backpack, drink plenty of fluids and tell your loved ones that you will see them in a few minutes, because we are about to take a magical voyage Between the Dirt Sheets.

WWE Was Interested In Buying TNA

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

According to wrestling reporter legend Dave Meltzer (on his radio show), the WWE put in an offer to buy TNA. This was obviously before former musician-turned-world’s oddest wrestling performer, Billy Corgan, hurled a few more dollars out to the company to be — at least as of right now — a partial owner.

Putting the fact that Corgan currently thinks his celebrity will get more eyes to TNA to the wayside, this is an interesting rumor to think about.

If the WWE put in an offer, which was supposedly of the low-ball variety, it was unlikely for the ability to run TNA. Instead, it would have been to acquire its video library. Many of the WWE’s biggest names — both on the main roster and NXT — are former TNA stars.

The company would also be able to cherrypick some talent from the current TNA roster to put on NXT and WWE programming.

However, if the WWE actually bought the company, it is pretty safe to assume it would then end up becoming defunct. The WWE couldn’t resurrect ECW from the ashes and that federation was worth saving. There’s very little of TNA worth salvaging.

Since this rumor has likely already happened, there is no chance of it happening down the line. But it is still fun to think about the idea of the WWE wanting to buy TNA to probably just shut it down.

Odds of this rumor being true: 4 out of 5

WWE Expected To “Tone Down” Cruiserweight Matches

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

According to NODQ, WWE will reportedly tone down the division’s matches in a way that the wrestlers are not doing as many dangerous moves and high spots.

My initial gut reaction is to boo this idea from the heavens all the way to the depths of hell. However, it actually makes a ton of sense for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious is in the fact that those guys continuing to wrestle at a similar work rate as they had during the Cruiserweight Classic is about the least healthy thing in the world. The punishment those performers would have to withstand, then continue to work through, is an unrealistic expectation to put on them. Plus, we don’t want our beloved cruiserweights wrestling themselves into injury.

Speaking of expectations, the WWE doesn’t want to set them too high. The division has a chance to have the show-stealing match of every event it is on. But WWE should not only want to temper the division’s expectations a little bit, but probably doesn’t want the cruiserweights to wrestle at such an insane level that everyone else on the roster looks like a bum.

Imagine going from a 20-minute match between TJ Perkins and Cedric Alexander, then trying to consume a 20-minute match featuring Dean Ambrose stumbling around the ring like a broken mop.

Odds of this rumor being true: 4 out of 5

WWE has genuine interest in bringing Matt Hardy back

(Courtesy of TNA.com)

(Courtesy of TNA.com)

Oh, Broken Matt Hardy… you’re apparently not broken at all, as the WWE reportedly sent out feelers in an attempt to gauge your interest. According to those same reports, Matt Hardy is more than happily sticking with TNA.

Personally, Broken Matt doesn’t do it for me. I am left confused by the entire gimmick. But many others love all the deletions that are happening on each Thursday night.

This one is a bit trickier. If the WWE sent out feelers to Hardy, it was probably due to the Broken Matt Hardy character. It would also mean that it would plan on having that character — or one like it — come with Matt when he came back to the company.

Oddly, Broken Matt doesn’t really work without Jeff Hardy (Brother Nero). But there’s no reports of Jeff being sent feelers.

I don’t think Broken Matt would work in the WWE, but I would also be happy to be wrong. But considering the character itself can’t really function in the same way it does in TNA without Jeff being brought along, unless the WWE reaches out to the bigger name Hardy, these rumors feel like those “feelers” were very, very loose.

Odds of this rumor being true: 2 out of 5 (mostly because “feelers” can mean anything that doesn’t actually have to do with Hardy even being in talks with the WWE)

Between the Dirt Sheets: WWE reportedly eyed TNA

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