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Between the Dirt Sheets: TNA falling deeper into the hole

Pro wrestling is such a strange beast. So many rumors and (supposed) reports come out on the daily that it is sincerely hard to keep up with it all. When you couple in the fact that we often treat some reports as facts, instead of the potential news they actually are, it can make for a very up-and-down life being a member of the famed Internet Wrestling Community.

We dive right back into a slew of ongoing rumors in the world of pro wrestling in the latest edition of Between the Dirt Sheets.

TNA is in a mountain of debt and Billy Corgan is suing them

This is a heck of a lot to digest all at once. Please be patient with me while I attempt to casually explain a rather complicated topic with a number of moving parts. Thanks in advance for said patience.

TNA reportedly currently owes money to quite a few different people and entities. These include, but may not be limited to: Billy Corgan, Audience of One Productions, Aroluxe Media, Anthem Sports, and MCC Acquisitions.

The amount owed is listed at $3.4 million. Here it is important to note that the report does note include monies that are supposedly owed to Billy Corgan or Audience of One Productions, or taxes owed in Tennessee.

According to the same reports (and likely the more that will come out as you are reading this), Corgan and Audience of One Productions both filed lawsuits against TNA

Here is where it gets a bit tricky. Corgan’s lawsuit is a bit of an unknown. We do know — or believe, per the reports — that Dixie Carter personally owes (not TNA, though they do as well) him some loot. This can be because of that, or something completely different.

Oh, and TNA is possibly, maybe, at least reportedly, facing a tax lien in Tennessee.

The Taxman is the world’s greatest heel and TNA should know better.

Here is the dilly: TNA has been financially fledgling forever now. This makes everything that has been reported totally plausible even though all of it seems like it came straight from a horror movie made to make business owners want to sell all of their properties.

My only reservation with a lot of this is that lawsuits tend to be “closed to the public” unless otherwise open — meaning, in a more direct way, if Corgan sued Dixie we would know what it is for.

This looks horrible for TNA. Then again, nothing has ever looked right for the company. This is normal day-to-day business for them.

Odds of these rumors being true: 4 out of 5

Y2J Was Meant To Be In The Universal HIAC Match, and Might Referee It

We can all breathe now. This is a far less complicated, unimportant, and benign rumor. According to several outlets, the original plan for the Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell match for the Universal Championship had Chris Jericho as a third participant.

That never happened, as the WWE is likely still milking the Jericho and Owens best friend gimmick — which is still fun, it is worth noting — before pulling the trigger on the inevitable feud between the two that awaits.

According to the same report, Y2J might still end up being involved in the HIAC match, but as a special guest referee.

To the first part of this rumor, it makes sense. Everyone is fairly confident a Jericho-Owens feud is going to happen. It is not as much a matter of if it will happen, but when. So, sure, maybe the original plans were to have it start right around now, but the WWE noticed how well their friendship angle is working and decided to hold off for a few more shows.

As for the special guest referee part, this makes sense, too. It can help set up the feud between the two, or get Owens over Rollins while keeping the latter looking stronger.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Y2J is going to end up being the guest ref, however. The WWE would still need to, in only one more episode of Raw, somehow explain him into that role from a logistical point, which seems really hard to do at this point.

Odds of these rumors being true: 4.5 out of 5 (these are definitely ideas that were kicked around. Only reason for not getting a 5 out of 5 is because the one that still has potential — Y2J as the ref — seems too hard to pull off at this point).

Charlotte Has Something Special Planned For Her HIAC Match

Thanks to Ric Flair, expectations have been raised for Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte at Hell in a Cell. According to “The Nature Boy,” Charlotte has “something special” planned for her Hell in a Cell Match, and there’s “no talking her out of it.”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Ric isn’t lying. He has no risen to. Honestly, he just forced his daughter’s hand into a harder spot, as now people will be looking for this supposedly special spot.

I am only actually bringing up this “rumor” to talk about something else. The fact that, by and large, HIAC matches have been dramatically toned down over the last five years. Couple that with the fact that the women’s version of it needs a different set of expectations, I fear people are heading into this event thinking far too much about the potential joy that awaits them.

Is anyone going to pull a Shane McMahon? Good gosh, I hope not. How about some crazy moonsault from the top of the cage? I hope that doesn’t happen, either. But the point remains the same: That’s not because they are women and I think they are weak, it is because the men no longer do that in these types of matches, either — well, save for Shane.

We need to temper our expectations, and not consider this a disappointment if one of them fails to die or something.

I’m of the belief that the two will put on a very special match because both are incredible performers. Hell, they could put them in any gimmick match — or, as we already know, a normal one — and they’d bring the house down with their work. That said, if it is an “all-time moment or bust” situation for Charlotte and Sasha, you’re going to be disappointed. Not because of them, but because HIAC matches haven’t been good in years.

Regardless, yes, Charlotte probably has something wicked ready for the WWE Universe. We might hate her character, but she does everything she can in the ring and we should respect her for it.

Odds of this rumor being true: 5 out of 5 (Ric might sometimes lie, but this is his daughter).

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