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Between the Dirt Sheets: Styles vs Michaels at Royal Rumble

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Rumors are the absolute worst. At best, the Internet Wrestling Community is shooting 50 percent from the floor on those reckless speculations they often claim are reports. To be fair to them, however, they could have at one point actually been right, but the powers that be could have changed their minds.

If you “report” 100 things a day, a few of them are surely going to happen. I mean, even Shaq hit a free-throw here and there.

Once again, we bring you the biggest rumors from the world of wrestling in the latest edition of Between the Dirt Sheets.

AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels at Royal Rumble 2017

This one is a bit of a stretch as of the current moment, but is easily the most interesting rumor currently being whispered about, and it has barely begun to pick up steam.

For context, before we delve into how the rumor was formed:

The above tweet is basically the start of what is turning out to be my favorite conspiracy theory in the history of pro wrestling.

Here is the idea being floated about, mostly on the mean streets of Twitter: Styles would have never tweeted that unless the WWE said it was OK. The WWE would have never said it was OK unless “The Heartbreak Kid” was fine with it. HBK would not be fine with it unless he was OK with wrestling Styles at the Royal Rumble.

All the OKs, with very little evidence.

Either way, no one is “reporting” anything yet. It is just several people making note of the odd tweet sent out by Styles that only came shortly after some random wrestling podcast person suggested that is what the company should do at the Royal Rumble — especially since other “reports” suggest the WWE is worried about selling out the Alamo Dome for some odd reason.

Odds of this rumor being true: 0.5 out of 5

There is no reason, other than our own fantasy booking dreams, to believe Michaels — who has been staunch in his staying retired — is going to un-retire because an event is being held where he kind of, sort of lives.

Sasha Banks is Putting On Muscle To Be Resilient, Steal HIAC

According to a report from f4wonline, Sasha Banks wants to put on muscle to become less injury-prone. Also, she — like Charlotte before her, who is rumored to have a huge spot planned — wants to put on one hell of a match at Hell in a Cell.

The use of the word “muscle” here is what will make people double-think this, but it makes logical sense from Sasha’s standpoint. She’s a bit wiry, has been injured here and there, and can probably use some extra body mass to prevent more injuries from taking place.

Considering HIAC bouts tend to be slightly more dangerous than your average match, that same idea can simply be parlayed into this one as well.

Honestly, don’t get caught up on the verbiage here. She isn’t looking to deadlift so much weight she looks like the Warlord or anything.

Odds of this rumor being true: 5 out of 5

An athlete looking to become quicker, stronger, faster, and less injury-prone? Uh, yeah, they all do that.

Mickie James Was Not The WWE’s First Choice

The WWE, reportedly, originally wanted the NXT TakeOver show in Toronto to have Asuka take on Trish Stratus with the hope that if Asuka turned on Stratus in Toronto, where the latter is from, it would make her into a super heel.

There is an issue with that, as Stratus is pregnant. According to the report, that is why the company contacted Mickie James.

Maybe the WWE planned on using Stratus, but I’m not entirely sure she was planning on doing anything else with the WWE at this point. This feels so much like purposely leaked information to keep us talking about NXT that it is hard to believe that the “original” idea was anything more than a random person going briefly mentioning the possibility.

Not to mention, even after a decade, we have people still trying to use Stratus to take James’ shine away. Stop doing that, Internet.

Odds of this rumor being true: 0.333 (repeating, of course) out of 5

Parts of this rumor are definitely true, but the idea that the WWE planned on using a female talent they knew was pregnant in a match is even a bit too far fetched for my pro-conspiracy theory mind.

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