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Between the Dirt Sheets: A Shield reunion at Survivor Series?

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Rumors are the best. It is the fuel the Internet Wrestling Community needs to help live. Without it, there would be no wrestling blogs, or hot-takes, or even random opinions about a rumored angle being a piece of garbage in the waiting.

For what it is worth, rumors are also the worst. Often times wrong “reports” are the fuel to what can often be the most annoying people on the planet (yes, the IWC). Without it, we wouldn’t have to sift through people whining about some angle that’s probably never going to happen.

Yes, your author has a love-hate relationship with wrestling rumors.

As it is with many of you, it is the rumor and its reception that shapes my emotions. Give me something about Marty Jannetty being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and I’ll be yours forever. Send forth some rumor we know can’t be true because it is logistically impossible, and I will donkey-punch you.

Anyway, let’s take a gander at some of this week’s rumors.

A Potential Shield Reunion At Survivor Series

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter made note of something interesting, which has now become an official Internet rumor.

It is widely expected, if not already accepted, that Seth Rollins will be the fifth man on Raw’s Survivor Series team. On the other hand, Dean Ambrose is going to be the only face on the blue-brand’s squad.

What does this all supposedly mean? Apparently, that all of SmackDown will eventually turn on Ambrose, leading to Rollins and Roman Reigns to save him from inevitable destruction — which would result in, at least, a one-off Shield reunion.

This isn’t all too far-fetched of an idea. While we all expected a Shield reunion to happen when all three guys were on the same roster, a good way to get some cheap pops — and, as importantly, help Reigns in the process — is doing a quick, if not somewhat forgettable, reunion during the middle of a match.

Odds of this rumor being true: 4.543 out of 5

Honestly, now that this idea is out there, and it has sank in the craniums of many fans in the WWE Universe, it would be disappointing if the company failed to utilize the Network Special to create that sort of spot while all three former members are all faces.

Vince McMahon made the last-minute call to have Charlotte win at HIAC

WON has opened up the floodgates as to what in the hell was going on with Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell. It is a lot, so sit back and get ready for some rumors.

  • Everyone in the WWE apparently wanted the women to go on last, but not old-school Vince
  • Vince changed the finish of the match at the last minute because he wanted to find out if someone in his inner-circle was leaking formation
  • He changed the finish (as it was originally Sasha winning) because he didn’t feel as though there were enough female heels for Sasha to face in a post-Charlotte world
  • Mr. McMahon wants to build Charlotte as a monster

Some of these things actually contradict each other, so they all can’t be true.

Nevertheless, these are the sort of rumors that continue to paint the picture that Vince is an out-of-touch old man. To be fair to him, I am starting to think we’re being unfair as to how we view him. After all, he turned wrestling into a billion-dollar business, and most of us just whine about it on Twitter.

Odds of these rumors being true: 3.5 out of 5

Obviously, some of these rumors are true, but other parts of them are not. That’s why it is getting downgraded. If I were a betting man, though, I’d say it was a combination of all those things rumored, but not to the sort of extent reported — as I doubt Vince was as opposed to the main event being the women, because if he was, they wouldn’t have gone on last.

WWE Going After UFC Stars For WrestleMania

There are, reportedly, backstage discussion in the WWE of the company trying to work out a deal to have a UFC star appear at WrestleMania 33.

The names being rumored are Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor and/or Paige VanZant.

Here is the story in short: Vince — thanks to allowing Dana White to use Brock Lesnar — has to be on good terms with the UFC. It is almost as if White owes McMahon a favor at this point.

Also, whether or not White likes the attention the WWE brings (he clearly does… hello, Phil Brooks), it would be a great opportunity for him and his talent to gain a different kind of exposure, which would build everyone’s brand involved.

Odds of this rumor being true: 5 out of 5

The report is only about the WWE discussing bringing in a person from the UFC. Of course the company has had these discussions, as they likely do about bringing in entertainers and athletes from other sports all the time.

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