Between the Dirt Sheets: Ryback’s future in MMA

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It hasn’t been a silent week from a rumors standpoint. However, the biggest gossip remains the same from last week, as people are going bonkers over whether or not Vince McMahon is going to buy TNA. Considering there’s still a chance TNA doesn’t even run Bound For Glory on Sunday, everything is incredibly fluid from that aspect.

Elsewhere, we have other rumors. Some ranging from random ideas of Big Show and Mark Henry moving to new roles, all the way to the never-ending “when is Paige coming back (if ever)” debacle.

Let’s take a more specific voyage through three other rumors that made its way through the Internet Wrestling Community this week.

WWE’s Sneaky Plans For Roman Reigns

The WWE isn’t giving up on Reigns. His U.S. title run is reportedly not a punishment or a relegation, but an attempt to rebuild his character heading into his third “major push” during a WrestleMania cycle. WWE wants to keep him busy, but still in our face, yet doing so outside the Universal Championship picture.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

According to reports, the company is hoping to use fans’ xenophobia with Rusev to force them to cheer for Reigns. While relying upon bigotry and hatred of foreigners to get a guy over is an entire different fiasco on its own, it is still strange that the WWE is apparently not learning from past mistakes. That, you know, jamming a guy down our throats as a good guy — no matter the form or fashion — isn’t going to work well.

Not to mention that Roman’s brand is tainted. There’s no coming back as a huge babyface. At least not without a heel-turn happening first. How the WWE doesn’t understand this is mind-boggling. The company has proof in this with a decade-long run in John Cena.

Unfortunately, this rumor probably has legs. After all, the WWE has spent the last three-ish years jamming Roman down our throat. It wouldn’t be shocking in the slightest to see the company do so, but just do it outside the world championship picture.

Chances of this rumor being true: 4 out of 5

Dolph Ziggler’s Career In The WWE Is Toast

This one is a Ric Flair special. “The Nature Boy” is under the belief that Dolph’s contract runs out soon, and that the retirement versus title match “The Showoff” has scheduled against The Miz is to help explain away the challenger from TV.

He made this statements during the latest edition of his podcast.

There are issues in this rumor. Mainly, the source. While Flair is probably not knowingly lying, how in the hell would he know when Dolph’s deal is up (or if a new one hasn’t already been agreed upon) other than Ziggler himself telling him that?

To be fair, it doesn’t mean he is wrong, either.

It is weird that the WWE is putting Dolph’s career on the line. It can merely be a way to heighten the stakes heading into the performer’s millionth match against The Miz, but it can be a way to not only put the champion over even more, but for Ziggler’s character to get closure before leaving the company.

Here is to rooting that even if Flair is accurate with his knowledge of Ziggler’s contract status, that it gets resolved before he has to go the route of not being in the WWE anymore.

Chances of this rumors being true: 2 out of 5

Ryback To Bellator MMA?

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Former WWE Superstar, and world-renowned complainer, Ryback has openly expressed an interest in transitioning into the MMA world. Recently, he has also claimed that Bellator is interested in him.

Thing is, especially considering it is Ryback, it is hard to take the guy at his word. He has said many outlandish things in the past, has a history of deleting his “factual” tweets, and is essentially a person who just speaks words first, then asks for forgiveness never.

However, this thing appears to have legs. Internet Wrestling Community living legend, Dave Meltzer, recently reported that Bellator President Scott Coker confirmed to him that he has been in talks with Ryback in recent weeks.

Here is where things get a bit tricky. Coker pointed out that “nothing is even close to being signed” at this point. So, yes, they are in talks, but nothing is even close to being done.

In terms to what started as just a rumor, though, at least we now know that Ryback wasn’t lying. There is indeed a real discussion being had of him competing in the MMA company. Whether or not anything actually comes to fruition from it is anyone’s guess, as Ryback can simply be doing this for the attention, but the talks are real.

It is worth noting Coker has a long history in entertaining unorthodox ideas in the past, such as bringing in former NFL star Herschel Walker to Strikeforce, signing one of Kimbo Slice’s former street rivals to Bellator and hosting a fight between two men (ages 49 and 52) well beyond their prime.

Still, we’ll approach this with caution.

Chances of this rumor being true: 5 out of 5

Chances of anything actually happening out of this: 2 out of 5 (talking is just talking)

Between the Dirt Sheets: Ryback’s future in MMA

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