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Between the Dirt Sheets: Is Nakamura a main roster guy for WWE?

Shinsuke Nakamura (Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE)

With Hell in the Cell looming, and Survivor Series shortly thereafter, the WWE is about to hit peak “rumor season.” It is a place in space and time where the Internet explodes with “reports” of legends coming back due to declining ratings (while ignoring it’s not only football season, but an election year), and every suggestion a blogger makes in regards to fantasy booking ends up being treated as a theory.

Only the period between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania rivals this period of time of baseless rumors. Basically, the bigger the upcoming event(s), the more wild sort of things get reported, and people then apparently trot about life while having less capacity to sift through what is clearly nonsense and what is not.

Let’s go Between the Dirt Sheets, OK?

Shinsuke Nakamura isn’t going to the main roster anytime soon

And with that, the Internet Wrestling Community mourns as if it lost a parent.

According to several reports, international superstar Shinsuke Nakamura is pegged as being the flagship star of NXT, in turn making him nowhere near having a spot on the main roster.

This is a similar report that made its rounds before Finn Balor made his main roster debut. That Triple H, and others, felt as though NXT needed a steady face of the federation, so guys who have relatively large non-WWE followings would be held back to help keep the developmental federation moving forward in a positive direction.

With the brand-split having happened some time ago, this report coming out now makes total sense. There’s really no reason to have ANY call-ups in the near future, or at least before Wrestlemania. The WWE is having a hard enough time figuring out roles for all the people who were involved in the mass call-up as is, and there’s no need to make that problem worse by calling up even more folks.

Odds of this report being true: 4.5 out of 5

The use of the term “soon” is obviously relative, but there’s no reason to think a single human will be called up to the main roster before Wrestlemania. Sorry, Internet Wrestling Community.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte HIAC match grumblings

There’s a lot going on here. Mostly due to the fact that there are multiple reports that some want the match to go on last to symbolize the growth of the women’s division, others want it to go on last because HIAC is taking place in Sasha’s hometown and others want it to go on first to help level the now hyperbolic expectations people have for this bout.

All of these seem like plausible discussions the WWE has had in the back. Considering there are three HIAC matches this year, it would make sense for there to be multiple concerns.

It would not be shocking at all to find out the company didn’t make its decision until moments before the event begins. The WWE may want to see (or hear) the crowd reactions to each video package during the pre-show to get a feel as to what match(es) they are most excited for.

With the WWE already touting this event as having three main events (LOL), it is already trying to hedge its bets.

Odds of this report being true: 5 out of 5

Of course, the company is figuring out the slotting of all three HIAC matches. And, naturally, some people are going to be pro-women on last and others not as thrilled. So is life.

WWE to sign James Ellsworth to a contract?

It is being reported that the world’s most beloved jobber might be in line for a full-time WWE contract. According to a report by pwinsider.com, there has been a “push internally” within WWE to sign James Ellsworth to a full-time WWE contract.

What this comes down to is greed. The WWE is pleasantly surprised by not only Ellsworth’s crowd reactions over the last month, and his merchandise — which is just a poorly put together t-shirt — is selling like hot-cakes.

The WWE has been having more jobbers in its broadcasts ever since the brand-split. Generally speaking, whenever an era of pro wrestling has jobbers, one or two of them become name-brand jobbers. Back in the day for the WWE, it was the Brooklyn Brawler, and for WCW, it was Barry Horowitz.

There is a concern here, however. Jobbers are meant to make other talents look good. They are not meant to organically get over themselves. While there’s nothing wrong with that happening, we don’t even know if Ellsworth can work well in matches to keep this momentum going.

If the WWE only wants to keep him around because of the merchandise selling, here is hoping his t-shirt sales will plummet when the “fun” of Ellsworth messing around in the main event scene wears off.

Odds of this report being true: 3.64 out of 5

The numbers is set in a weird way because this is just an odd story. I’m sure the WWE has discussed bringing him on full-time, but I’m also not 100 percent sold that conversations made it past the “this guy is kind of fun” stage.

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