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Dear WWE: Is The Wyatt Family magical all of a sudden?


Sports entertainment is a combination of sports in a traditional sense, as people do athletic things, and entertainment from the standpoint of people doing things that are meant to make us feel emotions. I wanted to note that early in this piece mostly because there’s still “wrestling fans” who are starkly different from “sports entertainment fans.”

It is why a lot of us have opposing viewpoints on any individual angle. One group of people can see gold, and another can wonder why a five-minute chin-lock helps to tell the in-ring story of the participants involved in a match.

It is a to-each-their-own situation.

Moving on from discussing that everyone is entitled to what they like because their tastes might not be yours, let’s ask World Wrestling Entertainment (when you write it out, it makes no sense, I know) some questions!

Is The Wyatt Family’s New Thing Magic?

This isn’t meant to be snarky, but The Wyatt Family hasn’t really evolved over the years. Save for Braun Strowman, who is actually hitting his stride now being outside the group, it has been the same circle of guys in the stable, and they get injured from time to time.

Since Bray was on his own, but starting with the return of Luke Harper, the Wyatt’s newest trick appears to be disappearing. It is a weird thing, as they didn’t necessarily have superpowers before, but maybe the stuff they stole from Kane (his powers) more than a calendar year ago when they kidnapped him, finally absorbed into their souls or something?

Anyway, this gimmick works against what most fans actually want, which is a new stable member to debut. Every single time the lights go out, people are hoping a new human is in the ring — primarily, Sister Abigail — to help the Wyatt Family be all that and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Is this magic, WWE? Are the lights going out an electrical billing issue? Is this building to a new stablemate?

Brock Responds To Goldberg How?

Listen, Goldberg was a pleasant surprise on Monday. He cut the only interesting promo of his career, the crowd appeared to enjoy him, and the ball is now in the Beast Incarnate’s court.

Considering this is going to be an ‘every-other’ situation, with the two not appearing on the same episode, presumably, until the last Raw right before they square-off, how in the heck does Brock Lesnar respond this week in a way that keeps fans interested?

That should remain our largest concern for this angle. How do two part-time talents keep this interesting without ever really interacting with one another?

Maybe Brock will do some karaoke, because let’s honest, that would be a must-see segment.

The Point Of The Triple-Threat Main Event On Raw Is?

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho is the main event of this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

Prior to the match being announced, it was rumored that the original plan for the Owens-Rollins Hell in a Cell match called for it to be a three-way (get your mind out of the gutter, kids), with Y2J bringing up the rear.

Then, after that apparently fell through, it was for Jericho to end up being the special guest referee, which also has yet to happen.

Assuming Monday night is to advance into something for HIAC, but given that it is ending the show, what is the point of this match?

I ask because if the show ends with the match, there’s no advancement other than potential riffs between Owens and Jericho. Obviously, the match can end in an odd fashion, then Mick Foley can come out in all his flannel godliness to insert Y2J into the match in one form or another, but this all feels rushed — if not last minute booking.

Outside of what should be a fun bout, what’s the purpose of this, WWE?

Why Is Dean Ambrose?

Just a general question.

Given the WWE is inserting him in a match with A.J. Styles on Tuesday in a non-title affair, and if the former Shield member wins he becomes the new number one contender, I think it is a good question to ask.

So, again… why is Dean Ambrose?

He’s been rather annoying lately. I’m not a fan. Admittedly, this question was just to air some of those resentments, as I have for the last year or so.

Are Real Tag Teams Going To Be On SmackDown This Week?

The above question is meant to be taken very literally. Two tag teams did appear on last week’s edition of SmackDown Live, but it was in a six-man tag match.

With the division being a bit watered down, and there only being three-ish over tag teams in it (Usos, American Alpha, Heath Slater-Rhyno), one would think that the WWE would do everything in its power to build other tag teams up.

Then again, one would think… and the WWE isn’t much of a thinker to begin with.

Here is to hoping the company realizes it needs more than three tag teams — one of which, Slyno (patent pending), is designed to be broken up — to have the division function properly.

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