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Dear WWE: Will the Hell in the Cell build be better than the rest?

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We are fresh off yet another WWE Network Special: No Mercy. Not only did it very literally show fans who need a break from WWE programming, uh, no mercy, but the special was very up and down. Some of it had to do with Becky Lynch being unable to compete, and another aspect was airing the main event first to help combat — presumably — the debate.

Anyway… let’s ask the WWE some questions.

How Will You Continue To Build Toward Hell In The Cell?

This is a rather broad question, but since the brand-split happened, and save for the incredible Miz-Ziggler feud, almost every other angle leading into a Network Special has been flat. Maybe a bit more accurately, the builds to each felt ho-hum.

That’s probably due to the WWE being faced with a sense of urgency. Then again, that’s their own doing for asking an already mostly inept creative team to book two separate brands and a Network Special every other week.

With a few post-brand-split Specials under the company’s belt, it will be interesting to see if the WWE has learned anything from the last few months or if everything will continue to be booked as if the decisions were made nine seconds before each match.

Only time will tell.

Is Naomi Getting a Push or…?

Becky Lynch couldn’t wrestle at No Mercy. Instead, the WWE decided, in all its infinite wisdom, to have career-jobber Naomi go over the No. 1 contender in the women’s division, Alexa Bliss.

Putting the absurdity of that defiance of logic to the wayside for the time being; Does this mean Naomi is in line for an actual push?

Naomi is a legitimately gifted athlete who has shined when given opportunities. That being said, she’s not incredibly over and has been in the company long enough that if she were to get over, one would think it would have happened by now.

It will be interesting to see if the WWE just wanted a shock and awe booking aspect at No Mercy, or if the company is legitimately looking to give Naomi a shot at relevance. To be fair to her, the company has never sincerely given her a chance at the latter.

Curt Hawkins is going to immediately job, isn’t he?

This Curt Hawkins build has (somehow) been going over worse than the Shining Stars’ taped vignettes from last year. It is amazing how badly this (already awful) idea has turned in to.

Honestly, who in their right mind thought a seriously old, already tired Chuck Norris facts gimmick being coupled with a wrestler few originally cared bout during his original WWE run would leave fans thirsting for more?

Anyway, Hawkins was on the No Mercy pre-show. He was, well, horrible. It all sets up for what feels inevitable, which is the WWE turning on him before he even gets a chance to do anything, and sending him to Jobberville, USA — population, currently, Jinder Mahal.

What’s Next For The Miz?

Listen, the arbitrary rematch is still a possibility, but considering The Miz and Ziggler have fought 11,234.0999 — repeating, of course — times (by my count) at this point, there is a chance the WWE makes a clean break from this angle moving forward.

Even if the WWE does want to do the rematch, then fine. It still doesn’t change the longer, more meaningful question posted above in that much harder, bigger font.

Is The Miz in-line for a main event push? If he’s not, he should be. He has been doing his very best work the last few months. Like, very literally the best work of his career.

You know what is odd when you think about it? Presidential Debates. The fact that The Miz has always been really, really good… when the WWE hasn’t asked him to do as many outside the WWE Universe things.

Think about it. Most of his career he has been battling doing “extra” work for the company (movies, charities, spokesman… all good things, mind you) and it has hurt his character. But when given the time to go legit full-time (for a length of roughly a year, which has been like twice) he has been one of the most over heels in the company each time this has happened.

Who Do Heath Slater and Rhyno (Slhyno) Face Next?

Heath Slater and Rhyno successfully defended their SmackDown Tag Team Championships at No Mercy. That is rather awesome. There is a problem that comes out of that, however.

Unless we are going to see a rematch — which would be bluh from an interest standpoint — who are they going to face next? The entire “heel” division of the tag team division hasn’t won a match in what feels like forever.

Point being: Fans might be in store for a little face vs face action in the tag team division, which sounds creepy as hell and like something you’d find in the dark corners of a Google search.

Does this mean American Alpha? Maybe. It would be weird seeing one set of beloved heroes go after another. Then again, Google.

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