Dear WWE: Will cruiserweights get more time?

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Are you tired of WWE programming yet? As if airing one SmackDown, Raw, and NXT episode each week isn’t enough, fans are now subject to two Network Specials per month. That is, obviously, save for the months when one of the major events — WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, etc. — take place.

Anyway, the point here is that even the most die-hard wrestling fans can get a little tired of having so much of the same thing jammed down their throats. If the WWE were to actually book each of the brands completely differently, it wouldn’t be as much a problem. Thing is, the company does not, as we get (during a Network Special week), up to nine hours of the same sort of product hurled toward us at snail speed each week.

Nine hours. Three hours of Raw, two of SmackDown, one of NXT, and three more for the Network Special.

Oh, and here’s a hard break. Let’s ask the WWE some questions.

Will The Cruiserweights Get More Than A Segment

The WWE did a much better job featuring the cruiserweight division during Clash of Champions. Both TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick not only put on a great match, but the announcers did a more than solid job discussing both of their backgrounds.

That’s something the company needs to do more. Unfortunately, when the division made its debut on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the creative team made the brilliant decision of giving the entire roster a singular match… and never even gave a segment to the champion. All the boo-face-emojis.

With the sense of rushing the division into existence out of the WWE’s way, hopefully the company has a better niche carved out for it moving forward.

And when I say a better niche, I totally mean to let the wrestlers have more than one segment per three-hour edition of Raw. Do you feel me, WWE?

What Kind Of Champion Is Roman?

Roman Reigns is the new United States Champion. If you’re a sane person, the situation is fine. If you’re a person who holds such a deep-seeded hatred for Reigns that you can’t see through the fact that he’s grown as an in-ring competitor, the situation is not fine — as you are likely on a message board (circa 1999) lamenting about “being forced to consume” something you are so totally not actually forced to consume.

Here is what we should want to know after Clash of Champions: Is Roman going to be a Cena-ish U.S. Champion or will he be the kind who holds that particular belt, but barely defends it?

WWE tends to go two ways when main event guys end up holding mid-card titles. Either the mid-card strap becomes a random prop for a wrestler or the wrestler is booked to help elevate the title (while elevating himself and his competitors).

Hopefully, it is the latter.

Will NXT Be Interesting This Week?

NXT is great, right? Right… except when it is the time when it isn’t an NXT TakeOver event, which is almost every single week.

The dirty little secret no one ever wants to discuss is how lame NXT’s weekly shows are. A squash match, a promo or two, and one good match — end show. That is it. Nothing less, and — save for FEW exceptions — nothing more.

I ask this question here, at a somewhat random time, because it isn’t worth a whole column. That’s mostly because, in the federation’s defense, it is only a one-hour show. It is hard to make super-interesting programming in one hour. Nevertheless, NXT needs to start being better.

There. I said it. So the smarmy IWC doesn’t have to.

So, The Point Of Sheamus-Cesaro Was?

A best of seven series that ended in — wait for it… a no-finish! Hooray! Yay! All the excitement in the world. Let the greatest jazz musician in the world play the jazziest of all the jazz songs.

OK. For real, we know that wasn’t the end of this entire feud.

The series was meant — at least I assume — to help elevate both guys. According to the mean streets of Twitter, half of the people think the WWE accomplished just that while the other half were bemoaning that the outcome of a best of seven series was a no-contest.

Regardless, more has to come out of this entire fiasco. Will we get a second best-of-series (please, no)? A bonus match on Raw to determine the winner? Will the two have formed such an incredible mutual respect for each other that a friendship/faction/tag team/whatever forms?

The WWE can pretend like this never happened, too. It can go in the vault with Katie Vick.

Is Dolph Ziggler’s Continued Losing Leading Anywhere?

Ziggler is such a strange character to discuss. He’s great in the ring, has been on fire as of late on the microphone, has the look, and the crowd mostly adores him. Yet, he is always on the wrong side of the fence. In the past, at least at times, it was his often fault, but not so much as of late.

The WWE has been building toward something during Ziggler’s massive losing streak, and we all think there’s an endgame to this angle, but where in the hell is it? How much longer does he need to lose before he does what this angle demands him to do — which is to turn heel and yell at fans for forcing him to “show off” during matches.

Patience isn’t a virtue the WWE Universe has at its disposal. If the WWE does have an actual plan for Ziggler’s losing streak, it needs to give us the payoff pretty soon. Question being: will it be this week?

Dear WWE: Will cruiserweights get more time?

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