Dear WWE: What’s next for the Cruiserweight Classic

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It was a really solid week in the WWE Universe. We got continued stories, a new champion on SmackDown, and arguably the best in-ring special of the year in the Cruiserweight Classic. For as often as we complain about how the company functions, there sincerely was very little to complain about over the last seven days.

That doesn’t mean the WWE didn’t do some things that could be considered questionable or a bit open-ended. In fact, the company is very good at providing us with the latter, which is mostly the point — outside of the inevitable closure it is meant to bring — of the entire business.

Let’s take a gander at five things the WWE will hopefully answer in the near future.

What Happens To The CWC Now?

The CWC was meant to be an annual tournament to crown the best cruiserweight on the planet. Then, thanks to its popularity, the WWE decided to parlay the entire event into a revitalized division that will debut on Monday Night Raw. It will also debut with a new champion, TJ Perkins, on Monday.

That’s all grand. It is sunshine, hot dogs, and french fries with a side of ketchup. But there is a small issue with the division moving forward as a fully functioning aspect of WWE programming — what in the hell is next for the CWC itself?

There was a lot on the line during the first ever CWC. Not only did we end up crowning a Cruiserweight Champion, but many of the participants ended up being signed by the company.

I am not entirely sure those “stakes” can be on the line next year. That is, obviously, provided there is a next year.

It is less a point and more a question: Considering how monumental this CWC was — it rekindled an entire division, gave us a champion, introduced us to many fresh faces — can one next year even come close to matching that sort of awesomeness?

The stakes can’t be as high, fewer fresh faces will be involved (since many will be under a contract), and I suppose the best the event can do is provide us with a new number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.

To be clear: I still want this bad boy to function and be an annual event. I’m just not too sure how it can come close to this year’s special feeling — or, honestly, since the division is going to be a part of actual WWE programming, if it is even practical to keep having the event.

What Is The Deal With Paige?

Holy rumors, Batman! Either Paige is quitting, suing, or awaiting clearance to return to the WWE.

Apparently, it can be a combination of all of those things, too. No one actually knows, but have the dirt sheets done their damnedest to try to figure out what in the hell is happening with one of the bright spots of the women’s division.

This has basically turned into an E! True Hollywood Story. We have a not-yet-scorned lover who is leaving the company, rumors swirling around Paige, and everyone is mum on the inside.

Hopefully some of the rumors are false, because a few of them seem scary. Putting them to the wayside, since most of it is only gossip at this point, it would be nice for the WWE acknowledge her existence in some form or fashion, even if it is only through its website, so the rumors can stop.

At the very, very least… let people know she’s OK. That is, if she is.

Who Will Be TJ Perkins’ First Feud?

Sorry for double-dipping on the CW division, but it is the best thing going at this point, and it hasn’t even started.

I already speculated that Neville would be Perkins’ first feud, but we should be collectively interested to see how the WWE handles the first Cruiserweight Champion moving forward. Will he be treated like an important champion — mic time, promo time, a bigger platform — or will he be used as a placeholder until the mid-card through main event level guys trot about the squared-circle?

Here is to hoping it is the former.

It is my belief that we will be able to tell a lot about how highly the company not only thinks of the entire new division, but Perkins as a performer by how it books the champion on Monday Night Raw.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Are Free Agents Now A Thing?

Jack Swagger appeared on SmackDown this past week after his “contract” at Raw expired.


Listen, I am all for tinkering with the rosters to make each better, but at the same time it is laughable that we are already going down the path of having guys’ — somewhat randomly — contracts expire so they can go to a different brand.

That lessens that hard brand-split we were promised. Couple that with the already happened Brock Lesnar-Randy Orton ‘showing up on both shows thing, and the fact Mick Foley wants Daniel Bryan to come to Raw to discuss the signing of Swagger, this is less about exclusivity on each brand and more about the WWE being a cluster{bleep} in the creative department.

Listen, we are all here for a sincerely hard-split. Stop intertwining the shows. Please?

Why Are We Hearing Hulk Hogan’s Voice On WWE Commercials?

Maybe time heals all wounds, but my goodness. I am unaware of how many people have noticed, but our good old buddy — and noted racist — Hulk Hogan’s voice has been all over the WWE Network as of late. This is likely intentional, and some form of dry run to see if the WWE Universe would welcome him back in a post-he-got-caught-saying-bad-things world.

The answer SHOULD be a “no.” But who knows with the WWE Universe. I’m all for forgiveness and second — and third, fourth, fifth — chances, but unless he has gone through classes to help him better understand culture, races, etc., I’m not here for this. If he has made a serious effort, then MAYBE I’d reconsider. Still, more than likely not here for this.

Are you?

Dear WWE: What’s next for the Cruiserweight Classic

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