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Dear WWE: What’s the Miz-Ziggler spin going to be?

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Do you love pro wrestling? I know I love pro wrestling. For all its faults, and all its yucky characteristics, sports-entertainment is a tremendous combination of athletics and attempts at storytelling. The last part of that, the attempts at storytelling, is the most important, as sometimes those attempts — more often than not, actually — end up being ill-fated.

Still, if you’re reading this, it likely means you are like me. That you will continue to consume wrestling no matter how disturbingly bad it can get. It is almost like we are addicted to it.

Let’s ask the WWE some questions.

This Miz-Ziggler Thing Is Now Heading Where?

The entire Miz-Ziggler feud has been extremely wonderful. Enough positive adjectives aren’t yet created in the English language to help describe how awesome it has been. However, now that we are coming off what felt like the culmination of this story, the WWE is going to the well — at least — one more time.

Problem is: How in the hell can the company raise the stakes after a title vs. career match?

While I think it is totally plausible that the two can continue to work an excellent program together, I worry that there’s nothing left to be truly gained from having them do yet more scripted violence.

After all, the purpose of this feud has already been accomplished. The Miz has re-elevated himself as a top-heel, and Ziggler is once again over with the WWE Universe. Doing more of what we already saw, with lesser stakes attached, is only going to make us restless.

It will be interesting to see what is next for this feud. Here is to hoping the WWE has something grand up their sleeve.

How Long Until Braun Strowman’s Angle Has A Payoff?

Listen, Strowman now calling out Mick Foley to send him legit competition is a step in the right direction. That being said, week one of this angle fell flat on its face, as sending out two — instead of one — local jobbers isn’t exactly doing much to advance him as a talent.

Assuming there is a plan and/or payoff to this — whether that be him squashing former name-giants or the debut of an NXT talent to topple him — how long are we meant to wait for it to happen?

Seriously. The brand-split was forever ago at this point, and all Strowman has done is beat up a bunch of local jobbers and Sin Cara. I mean, bluh.

Patience isn’t a virtue WWE fans have. The company knows this. Pull the trigger on whatever the endgame is here already.

Where The Heck Is Curt Hawkins?

Never mind. I no longer care. The WWE Universe no longer cares. Let’s all pretend this was a bad dream and move on, OK?

Is Emma Switching Brands?

Emma made her in-ring return at a SmackDown Live house show on Saturday evening, working alongside Nikki Bella and Naomi in a match against Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Natalya. That’s neat, right? Of course it is, she’s awesome.

Problem being, she’s a member of Raw’s roster — as in, you know, not SmackDown’s — and the Emmalina video packages have been airing during Raw. So, why have her work a SmackDown event?

This can simply be an issue of Becky Lynch dealing with her medical issues, Emma needing to work off some in-ring rust, and this being a matter of happenstance.

There’s a little more to this, though, too. Emma’s appearance came without a gimmick change. Well, at least nothing that resembled this Emmalina character we’ve seen in video packages the last few weeks.

For some context, here is her entrance when she appeared.

Basically, WWE, did you change your mind about her gimmick and/or her brand? Either way, just get her back on my T.V.

The Dusty Classic Is Flailing A Bit, Right?

NXT is imperfect. Let’s acknowledge that from the get-go. It is still fun overall, but we have to stop pretending as if it is still revolutionizing the game, because it’s not.

A good example of this is the flailing Dusty Classic. Since NXT tapes four shows in advance, we already know — that is, if you can’t avoid spoilers — who is advancing in the tag team tournament. Since live sports is one of the last bastions of a designed sense of urgency, this undercuts the impact of the tournament.

In turn, what is the WWE going to do about this to help avoid having the Dusty Classic become an annual shoulder shrug emoji event? Are there LIVE surprises waiting for us down the road, will the TakeOver culmination of the event be worth it, etc?

I ask, because the Dusty Classic SHOULD be a great way to launch tag teams. With so many makeshift teams in the mix, and us already being aware of many of the outcomes coming down the pipe, I fear this event is quickly becoming worthless.

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