Dear WWE: What’s the end game with Curt Hawkins?

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Another week of WWE programming, and subsequently more iffy bits of creative decisions made by the company. We can sing this same song nearly every week, but this is the life we have chosen as consumers of the product — especially during a time period that isn’t close to important Network Specials such as a Royal Rumble or a WrestleMania.

All things being equal, the good still outweighs the bad. Raw is finding a better footing with its three-hour broadcast thanks to the cruiserweight division. SmackDown Live, on the other hand, is still trying to figure out how to jam as much content into two hours as humanly possible, but has had a more than respectable showing since the brand-split.

Anyway, let’s ask the WWE some questions.

This Curt Hawkins Thing Is Ending How?

These Curt Hawkins facts are ridiculous. Considering they are an obvious rip of the Chuck Norris Internet dilly from a handful of years ago, it is just odd timing by the WWE to use a now tired trope as the foundation for a character.

Even putting the questionable character build to the wayside, what is the point of Hawkins?

Honestly, what is he bringing to the table that the WWE feels needs to be brought? I ask that sincerely, as all of these video packages are grand and all, but the endgame feels obvious — that Hawkins is coming back to job.

If that is the case, then it is a ‘what in the hell?’ type of situation. Why bring back a guy, hype him up, only to have him job. At the same time, if he’s being brought back to actually be pushed, it would represent the complete opposite of this ‘New Era’ venture Shane McMahon has been swearing by.

Basically, no matter what the WWE does with Hawkins when he actually debuts, it isn’t going to work.

Are Big Show and Mark Henry Done?

Reports are surfacing that the two behemoths are having their roles change within the WWE. That they will move more toward being public ambassadors of the product rather than being actual in-ring characters. All fine things that both guys deserve considering the time they’ve put into the company.

That being said, are we going to get closure with either guy (character)? This is another sincere question. While neither is a historically beloved figure, Big Show might be the most misused talent in the history of the sport, and Mark Henry’s “John Cena/retirement” promo is an all-time moment in the sport. Are we going to get to say our proper goodbyes to them even if only because of that?

Most other sports allow their “name” guys to get a figurative parade during a retirement cycle. If these reports are true, does the WWE consider them name-enough to be given such a goodbye?

I hope so. While both have probably overstayed their welcomes (through no fault of their own, mind you), it would be nice to hear both articulate their feelings for the sport, the emotions of saying goodbye, and things of that nature. It might help us better appreciate guys we take for granted.

What’s Next For New Day?

We can very literally end the question there. New Day’s title run is now over 400 days, they’ve conquered The Club multiple times, and there’s not a ton of heel tag teams on the Monday Night Raw roster ready to pounce. Because of that, it will obviously make one ponder who — or what — is next for the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Also, are they ever going to lose the titles? I mean, logically speaking, they have to at some point. Even if the WWE wants them to hold the belts forever, eventually they are going to die and can’t wrestle in the ring. That’s just science.

It will be interesting to see how the WWE handles the trio moving forward. Without a great grouping of heel tag teams on the Raw roster;  do they turn heel, do they battle another group of faces, or are we in store for a random surprise?

All fun questions.

Where’s Brock Lesnar?

Yes. Yes. We all know the deal at this point. Lesnar is being saved for special events and all that jazz. Even with that being the case, is the company ever going to acknowledge he’s a dude on its roster?

As importantly, if not more so, where in the heck is Paul Heyman? Why can’t he pop on T.V. to promote the Beast Incarnate?

While some in the WWE Universe have grown tired of the entire “Lesnar is unbeatable” gimmick, not having any form of him — or the idea of him — around makes him feel more like circus attraction than a wrestler.

The WWE failed long ago in using both of these talents correctly. A stable, led by Heyman, would seem like an easy way to keep everyone’s names on the tips of our tongues while not actually having to feature Lesnar on T.V., but that’s a bit too much of a fantasy book to talk about as a chance of becoming a reality.

Regardless, when and where are we going to see Lesnar and Heyman again?

When Is Triple H Coming Back?

This is another angle we know the endgame of, but still have no idea when it is going to take place. Seth Rollins vs Triple H is most definitely in the cards, but when?

Another way to question this puzzle is: If this story is meant to conclude at WrestleMania, how long can the WWE manage to not only keep Triple H off T.V., but also keep Rollins relevant enough — while outside the title picture — to keep fans invested?

Part of me believes, despite everyone assuming this angle is WrestleMania bound, fans are going to see Triple H sooner rather than later. That’s mostly because there’s no excuses for him be absent from T.V. at this point. He isn’t scripted injured or anything. And we can’t expect Stephanie McMahon to continue to pretend as if she has no idea where her husband is… it’s just odd.

Dear WWE: What’s the end game with Curt Hawkins?

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