Dear WWE: Are The Headbangers the best you got?

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We are still only a few weeks in a two-brand world, but the WWE has done a decent job balancing out both shows. No, it is not perfect, but what in life is?

On one end of the spectrum, SmackDown Live has been a fluid and nicely-timed show with good rhythm. The (only) two hours of air time each week gives it a leg up in the feeling fresh department. While their camera angles are still an abomination to 20-20 vision, SmackDown’s early run has gone better than expected.

Monday Night Raw, especially since the cruiserweight division has yet to debut, it just feels far too long. Not to mention, unfortunately, the main event angles that were likely planned for the near future had to be scrapped after Finn Balor went out with injury.

Sad face emoji, really.

The Headbangers, Really?

It appears as though the mediocre Attitude Era tag team known as The Headbangers are going to make a comeback to WWE programming. While it might be for only one show, the duo took to social media to announce that they are members of the (SmackDown version) tag team tournament that will crown new champions.

I have nothing personal against either guy or the team as a whole, but is this really the best the WWE can do?

In all its glorious history, between all the awesome tag teams to have ever trotted about the squared-circle, The Headbangers are the two guys the WWE are bringing back for nostalgia purposes?

Obviously, the team is likely being brought back to job, but still.

There’s an entire generation of fans who have no idea who those two are, and another generation of fans who are old enough to remember how indifferent they felt about them during their original run.

What, were the Mountaineers not available?

What “Era” Will The Universal Championship Push On Monday?

Balor going down with injury hurt me on the insides. He was meant to represent everything fresh, new, and exciting about the WWE’s future. The WWE can still accomplish this by putting the strap on Kevin Owens on Monday. The question is: will they?

Big Cass is too green and young, Seth Rollins is awesome but has done it before, and Roman Reigns is… Roman Reigns — though, IWC hipsters, he is a very good wrestler in the ring and you can stop your very idiotic “you can’t wrestle” chants now.

If the strap is hurled on Owens on Monday, we will then know the WWE still wants to push the envelope and take risks. If it is Seth, which would be fine, it means they want to catch their collective breaths.

However, if Reigns wins the belt on Monday, especially without there being a true change of character, we might as well bow down to out future overlords, as it would be clear the company does not care about what we think.

SmackDown’s Women’s Division Until Backlash Will Be?

Because every woman on SmackDown’s roster is vying for the Women’s Championship in one match at Backlash, it leaves the division in a weird position. There’s very little reason for the casual fan to be invested in it until Backlash. After all, the matches that take place between now and the first SmackDown-only Network Special mean nothing, as we know all characters will be involved for the title no matter what happens over the next few weeks.

Can the WWE make this interesting despite that?

How they go about doing that is anyone’s guess. The company gave Carmella a heel turn, and we already got the shocking return of Nikki Bella. But what else is up their sleeves?

Sadly, probably nothing.

Was The Miz “Shooting” On Daniel Bryan A Long-Term Plan

Very, very small rumors have begun to rear its head over the last few days. One that involves the WWE rethinking its position on allowing — or not, in this case — Daniel Bryan to wrestle.

Again, this is ONLY a rumor at this point. But the idea here is that The Miz did a worked-shoot on Talking Smack, and the primary goal was to call out Bryan not wrestling despite claiming he loves it.

Word on the mean streets of the wrestling Internet community is that this can become a recurring theme. That, over the next several Talking Smacks (which, by the way, I constantly want to call Smalking Wackdown for some reason) heels will follow The Miz’s lead. All of that will supposedly lead to the return to Bryan in the ring.

Is it real or just a bad rumor? The good news is we will probably find out this Tuesday night. If a bad guy comes calling him out again, it will only be a matter of time before fans’ favorite goat-face wrestler returns.

Will Crowds Continue To Turn On Dean Ambrose?

Ambrose isn’t a full-fledged heel, but more and more members of the human species have come to learn what I’ve been preaching for over six months. You know, that he is an abomination in the ring as a wrestler and that his character has grown more stale than a singular fruit loop sitting out in the sun for three years.

At SummerSlam, the snarky Brooklyn crowd turned on the former Shield member. While a large section of smarks will continue to cheer him on in incredibly ironic ways — as cheering him while booing Reigns for not being able to wrestle is the funniest of all the IWC’s wretchedness — there’s going to be others who have seen the light.

For his sake, even if he is meant to be a tweaner, he still needs the crowd to be on his side at this point. If not, we can see the AJ Styles era quickly approaching. In turn, Ambrose’s career might take a quick free fall afterwards.

If he has no real fan base, or the reactions become more mixed, all while his actual matches have bombed for the last six months, what would he be bringing to the table at that point?

Dear WWE: Are The Headbangers the best you got?

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