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Dear WWE: What will you do about Conor McGregor?

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Oh, WWE. You can be such a fickle beast sometimes. For every star-turning moment you provide the WWE Universe, you create stories that not only lack logic, but are so muddled in unneeded complexities that we have no idea what the heck is even going on.

Still, you have us watching each and every week. So, yeah, as much as all us Internet Wrestling Community members talk about how dumb you guys all are for the way in which you run the company, we must all be dumber — as we are the dopes consistently consuming a product we swear is the worst.

Anyway, let’s take a gander at five questions the WWE needs to answer this week:

1. Is Dean Ambrose a heel?

Listen, Ambrose is meant to be a face… right?

I ask because his angle with Dolph Ziggler has him oozing “bad guy.” Not only did he cut a promo in which he tried calling Ziggler out for wrestling too hard (which is, considering Ambrose’s lack of good matches lately, hilarious), it backfired as the challenger pointed out that Ambrose started his WWE career near the top of the company and his own began as a cheerleader.

Ambrose also randomly attacked Ziggler. A move usually more befitting of heels.

We should all be OK with the idea of Ambrose being an evil-doer, though. His gimmick needs some freshening up. It would be awesome if he all of a sudden became a heel. We, as fans, just need to know if he is one.

2. Will you guys make fun of Conor McGregor?

Whether it was a work, or a shoot, or a shoot that will turn into a work, McGregor blasting the WWE’s roster and the roster’s responses made for great social media consumption last week.

Here is the dilly, though: We should want the WWE to run with this. McGregor, in typical him fashion, went on a somewhat random bashing of all the wrestlers on the roster. While it elevates nearly all involved into a more mainstream media news cycle, is the WWE going to take this lying down if this wasn’t a work?

The company should definitely have one of their legit tough guys come out and cut a promo on the Irishman. Considering the company has a plethora of former NCAA wrestlers at its disposal, not to mention some MMA talent, the WWE would be dumb not to take advantage of this mainstream wormhole McGregor opened.

Now, will they take advantage of it?

3. Are jobbers back forever?

Forget Return of the Mack, the return of the jobbers in the WWE is the greatest return in the history of all returns.

Thing is, are these jobbers back in the fold forever? Or will they all vanish whenever a talent like Braun Strowman gets into more meaningful angles?

The WWE has done a tremendous job using local jobbers since reintroducing them to the WWE Universe. Someone will interview Jobber-X, he will be petrified, then we all witness him get squashed like a bug. Truly wonderful and entertaining things.

With SummerSlam only a week away, since some stories need closure in this “go-home” week, will jobbers still be prevalent?

4. Is SmackDown’s “new” camera angle still here?

I’m all for trying new and potentially awesome things. That being said, SmackDown’s apparent use of three cameras, all of which are on top of the ring, is still hard to digest for some.

While it may only be a matter of merely getting used to it more since it is new, it does come off very cheap. A company that is worth over a billion dollars has relaunched the SmackDown brand, and since that has happened the show is airing each week as if it were being filmed on a budget lower than an independent horror movie designed to air exclusively on the CHILL channel.

Now that the company has a few weeks’ worth of sample sizes at its disposal, and consumer feedback, it will be interesting to see if the WWE sticks to its guns.

5. Will the CWC continue to be the best product?

With SummerSlam being on Sunday, the answer should feel like an obvious no. But that’s not giving nearly enough credit to the CWC, which has been the very best product the WWE has aired each of the last four weeks.

For those who have yet to consume all the athletic marvels that comes with watching the world’s best high-flyers, the Cruiserweight Classic is now a week into its second round. This has resulted in two matches per episode, which means each match is getting at least 20 minutes or more. It has resulted in nothing but four- to five-star matches since.

I personally don’t think SummerSlam can top that. Then again, the summer’s biggest event has more matches, and can simply overcome the CWC’s quality with quantity.

Oh, and we didn’t even mention that NXT TakeOver is on Saturday. Will a new generation of NXT talent put on the same level of shows previous eras did? If so, will that out-perform the CWC this week?

I think not, but you never know.

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