Ziggler should be stepping stone in Miz’s stellar title run

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The Miz is the best thing going right now in the WWE. That shouldn’t be affected by a feud with Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz’s matches have never really been spectacular; his recent matches with Cesaro over the Intercontinental Championship have really been the only ones that fans have found Miz receiving praise for in-ring performance. It’s not that The Miz has ever been a bad wrestler. He just has not dazzled the WWE Universe like Daniel Bryan, a recent foe of his, and those like him have.

What makes The Miz so intriguing is that his seemingly bland in-ring style has been given creative explanation, that being that he wrestles safe in order to avoid injury. He used this explanation to fire back on last week’s “Talking Smack” when Daniel Bryan claimed that Miz “wrestles like a coward.” Miz made an excellent point that his strategy has allowed him to be a prominent WWE Superstar for 10 years without any kind of major injury taking place, while WWE has barred Bryan from the ring due to his succession of chronic neck issues.

The Miz has done what no other Superstar has done since the invocation of the “YES! Movement”: Own Daniel Bryan.

Now, he appears to be feuding with Dolph Ziggler, someone who could be spokesperson of the owned. After not winning a feud since the Bicentennial, Ziggler appears to have found someone in The Miz who should be an easy target and stepping stone. However, he has picked a fight with Miz at a time when the IC Champion has the most to lose since being the WWE Champion years ago. The stakes have never been higher for the character of The Miz, and there is no logical reason why he should lose a feud to the fledgling Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler just completed a mini-feud with Dean Ambrose over the WWE Championship, a feud that sunk any remaining hope of Ziggler being a contender, and began the sinking process of the image of both Ambrose and the WWE Championship. The entire feud was predicated on the fact that Ziggler can never win the big one, an angle that usually sets the tone for said Superstar to finally win the big one.  On top of an already-awkward face vs. face situation, the outcome of the Ziggler/Ambrose match at SummerSlam creatively proved that Dean was correct: Ziggler really cannot win the big one.

WWE Superstars have said time and time again that everyone enters the WWE to eventually become the WWE Champion, grasping the famous brass ring that is there for anyone with the stones big enough to seize it. This brass ring has been deemed to be out of Ziggler’s reach.  This creative paradox generates the following question when it comes to Dolph Ziggler: So…what’s the point?

I apologize if that was too articulate.

This is a blatant rhetorical question. Dolph Ziggler’s career now shares a quality with Ray Finkle’s mother.  The engine in running, but there is nobody behind the wheel.

For years, the same line could have been said about The Miz’s career.  After losing the WWE Championship, being used as a punching bag for The Rock, randomly being a student of Ric Flair and being outshined by Damien Sandow, it appeared that The Miz was no longer vying for any sort of dominant spot on the WWE roster. However, his recent backlash against those who have doubted him for his gentle in-ring style has given him something he has not possessed in a long time, something his character was in desperate need of, and something that Dolph Ziggler lost the second the referee finished counting to three in his match against Dean Ambrose: purpose.

In order for a wrestler character to be taken seriously, there must something driving him or her to be the best in the company.  Without this motive, one appears to be simply floating through the universe while others are striving to reach their own destinations.  The Miz is no longer floating.  Instead, he has a purpose more polarizing than any he has possessed in his 10 years in the WWE.  His purpose is such that it should not be tampered with by those who lack it.  Therefore, Dolph Ziggler needs to be quickly cast aside in order for The Miz’s full potential to be reached.

Ziggler should be stepping stone in Miz’s stellar title run

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