WWE local jobber Q&A: Nick Cutler

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Braun Strowman and Nia Jax may have begun focusing their attention on main roster competitors, but WWE Raw is still providing spots for local talents. No longer relegated to squash matches, the jobbers are still being used to put over emerging talents, but in more competitive matches.

One such individual on Monday was Nick Cutler, who teamed up with fellow local competitor Willis Williams to take on the newly formed team of Cesaro and Sheamus. Mr. Cutler was kind enough to sit down with Today’s Powerbomb and tell us all about his adventure on Monday Night Raw.

Today’s PowerBomb: Nick, thank you for your time. You’re the latest enhancement talent to do the job. But you also got onto Monday Night Raw. How does that feel?

Nick Cutler: It felt amazing. Since I was 9 years old, my dream has been to work for WWE. Since I debuted in September 2007, its literally been all I can think about, and I got to scratch that off my bucket list. How many wrestlers go through their careers, and as talented as they may be, cannot say “I wrestled on Monday Night Raw.” It’s surreal. It’s only the first step, but it took nine years for me to get that opportunity, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

TPB: Was there some sort of process before you got selected for that spot, or were you already known to WWE?

NC: Yes to both. There is a process, that I don’t really want to get into detail about, but, I was already known to WWE, as I have been extra talent a handful of times before, but was not used in a wrestling capacity.

TPB: Folks like you are usually referred to as “local jobbers,” but often have a pretty strong name on the local scene. Does being used for a fleeting enhancement match undermine your confidence, or have you found that the exposure has helped?

NC: Definitely doesn’t undermine my confidence. They don’t just use anybody on TV. You need to be good at what you do. If you don’t walk around there and conduct yourself like you belong there, you don’t belong there. It is what it is, but I know its only the first step in what will be my road to the ultimate success. I never quit before, and I won’t quit now.

TPB: How much traction with the WWE did you gain from Monday’s showing? Are you confident that you’ll receive a tryout at some point in the future?

NC: I can’t say for sure how much traction I gained. I would like to think some. As far as getting another tryout in the future, I won’t take no for an answer.

TPB: You sound like you’ve been building quite a body of wrestling work. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself, history, where you trained, who you’ve faced, and what you’ve accomplished in the indies? 

NC: I was originally trained by Steve Boz out of Chicago Style Wrestling, which is also where Aiden English (of The Vaudevillains) originally came out of. Since then, I have pursued a variety of other training opportunities, most notably with Michael Elgin, Ring of Honor, Harley Race, and most recently, Evolve, which involved training with Drew Gulak, which was the best learning experience I ever had. I have worked with a variety of names in the nine years I’ve been working: Chris Hero, Al Snow, Val Venis, Bob Holly, Zach Gowen, Greg Valentine, Bob Orton Jr., Simon Dean, Abyss, Too Cool, Rikishi, just to name a few. I recently started with Full Impact Pro, part of the WWN network, which is a lead into Evolve, which is a lead into NXT. I’m on the right path for the successes I want to attain, I just need to continue to persevere, and not give up.

TPB: Have you and Willis Williams worked as a tag team before, or were you thrown together for Raw?

NC: We were just thrown together. I had never even met him before Raw.

TPB: You did the job to Sheamus and Cesaro, but it wasn’t a squash match  — enhancement talents seldom gets in any offense. Given that you weren’t instructed to get flung around the ring like, say, someone going up against Braun Strowman, how did you work to make Cesaro and Sheamus look strong?

NC:  It’s all about selling. Selling can make someone who is worth a dollar look like a million bucks. Sheamus and Cesaro are world-class athletes, so it was easy to make them look like such.

TPB: Local guys like yourself are almost always drafted in from the local scene. How were you treated by the “boys in the back”? Do you guys tend to mix and make friends? 

NC: I was treated like a professional. Everyone from the locker room, to the agents, to the production crew treats you like you are one of their own. Its a very comfortable environment. I have not kept in touch with Willis.

TPB: And finally, any advice for the guys out there who want to walk your way?

NC: As far as advice goes, it sounds generic, but its literally the story of my life….never ever quit. That’s the only true failure in life, is giving up.

WWE local jobber Q&A: Nick Cutler

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