WWE local jobber Q&A: Johnny Knockout

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Braun Strowman’s cavalcade of squashes continues, and this week it was Johnny Knockout who attempted to topple the giant. If nothing else, Mr. Knockout at least managed to get a few solid hits on Strowman before going the way of others before him. The ordeal has done nothing to dent his confidence, as Today’s Powerbomb discovered when he sat down for an interview with us.

Today’s Powerbomb: So Johnny. You’re victim No. 4 of Braun Strowman. But you also got onto Monday Night Raw. How does that feel?

Johnny Knockout: First of all, I’m a victim of nothing. I am, however, successful as being “the first guy to bring it to Braun” – quote that! Aside from that, it didn’t tickle, he’s super tough but so am I. Felt fantastic.

TPB: Was there some sort of process before you got selected for that spot, or were you already known to WWE?

JK: Both. But you earn each and every opportunity. And that’s just what I did

TPB: One of the highlights of these squash matches is the pre-match promos we hear from the local talent. Your verbiage was quite unique. Tell us, what was your thinking behind the “big sweaty men” remark?

JK: Thinking? Why would I need to think about it; I say what I feel. I’m all business.

TPB: Guys like you are usually referred to as “local jobbers,” but often have a pretty strong name on the local scene. Does being used for a 30-second squash undermine your confidence, or have you found that the exposure has helped?

JK: First off, there are no “guys” like me. I’m Johnny Knockout. That’s first. Secondly, it was longer than 30 seconds – I suggest you fix your stopwatch, pal. And, finally, but most importantly, nothing and I do mean nothing, could ever undermine or [dissipate] my confidence. I am 100 percent in full support of myself. And, yeah, the exposure is what it’s all about, you are interviewing me right now, right?

TPB: Are those matches heavily planned backstage with the agents, or were you and Braun given a time limit and told to call it in the ring?

JK: Planned? How do you plan for a guy like that? How do you plan for a guy like me? Ask yourself that.

TPB: How much traction with the WWE did you gain from Monday’s showing? Are you confident that you’ll receive a tryout at some point in the future?

JK: I’ve had tryouts. And they were excellent learning experiences. I am a sponge. And not a sponge like a bacteria-ridden, ugly deteriorated sponge I’m talkin’ a nice, thick, durable handy, get-the-job-done sponge. If makin’ it happen was grease and my platform was a dish, I’d wipe that G-D plate clean. Sparkling, fresh scent clean. Back to your question, though: It’s out of my hands, so I don’t stress it or sweat it. I believe in me and I bet on myself with 100 percent confidence. The rest is up to outside decisions. Hopefully they’re good decisions on the other end. And that’s anything and anyone I interact with in life. What I can tell you is that when there is an opportunity or one to be made by my own power, I will meet it and I will succeed. Everytime. That’s what I’m confident about.

TPB: You sound like you’ve been building quite a body of work. Why don’t you tell us a bit about your history, where you trained, who you’ve faced, and what you’ve accomplished in the indies?

JK: Well thanks for researching ahead of time. I do what I can, where I can. I make the most of everything and give it my all and more. I got my training down at FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) under the tutelage of Steve Keirn and Norman Smiley [*performs an honorary “Wiggle”*] under the WWE umbrella. Now they’re known as NXT. I don’t know, they’re pretty good, I think they have a chance at making it. The indies. The indies are a funny place man. All I’d like to say is that I do my absolute best and more and work to create the best for everyone involved everywhere I go or work. And I’m really interested in meeting more promotions and promoters that can appreciate that hard work and consistency and feel the same in kind. If the indies were a chick, I’d say “Hey, I’m Johnny Knockout. I’m single and I’m available. Let’s sauna.”

TPB: And finally, Johnny, any advice to the “big sweaty men” out there who want to make a name for themselves in the world of wrestling?

JK: Yes. The bigger, the sweatier, the Better. That and… walk my way.

WWE local jobber Q&A: Johnny Knockout

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