Weighing whether Banks should remain a face or turn heel

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
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Sasha Banks announced her return to action on Monday’s episode of Raw. Banks teased “bad news” on Twitter, but it turned out to be a warning for current champion Charlotte.

For most of 2016, “The Boss” has played the protagonist role in her feud with the heel champion. Their rivalry will continue in a rematch for the Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions.

However, there is a growing feeling among fans that Banks should go back to her heel character in NXT. There are several factors backing each argument, so let’s analyze them both.

Option 1: Banks remains a babyface

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Banks is currently the most popular woman on the main roster. Sure, Bayley can be that with time, but she’s only been on the main roster for three weeks.

But Banks is already established as the face of Raw’s women’s division. Not only has she held the title, but she’s also been the only woman to beat Charlotte consistently.

Banks was drafted by Raw to play the protagonist to the current champ’s villain. Plus, why would the company turn its most popular babyface heel without reason?

In theory, Superstars will sell more merchandise as faces than heels. So why would WWE take money off the table?

Banks also has a natural likability out of character. To wrestling fans, she has a relatable story as a lifelong fan. While some have criticized her crying, others — like myself — think it makes her more more likable, making her a natural babyface.

Option 2: Banks turns heel

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Banks’ “Boss” persona was built around her heel arrogance in NXT. That’s what made fans fall in love with her character.

Despite being one of the smallest women on the roster, her matches were believable. She had a scrappiness and edge to her and did all the little things a heel should.

It wasn’t necessarily that she was cheating, rather that she just wrestled like a crafty heel. That’s why Banks’ title reign in NXT was so great. She wrestled her matches like a villain, but also did so without outside interference — post-Team B.A.E., of course.

What made the Bayley-Banks NXT feud so great was that her heel character was the perfect antagonist to Bayley’s lovable underdog. Seriously, she made an 8-year-old girl cry midway through their Ironwoman match.

But Banks always backed up her arrogance with legitimacy. She was so good in the ring that no one could doubt her claim as “The Boss.” Bayley’s title victory meant even more because it happened against Banks.

Also, the “Boss” moniker is better suited for a heel. From her entrance attire to the in-ring swagger, “The Boss” is a heel character.

Many will argue that her promos were much better in NXT as well. Granted, that could be WWE’s writers giving her less time and material to work with. But there was no doubt that Banks was the best talker in NXT during her final run and her heel work was magnificent.

Perhaps the biggest factor as to why it could happen now is because Bayley is on the main roster. We all know their feud is inevitable and it works best with Banks playing the heel role.

There’s no way she can remain the top babyface in a feud with Bayley. For it to reach its potential, “The Boss” has to revert back to her old tendencies. In that case, a heel turn would be in order.


WWE can go either way with Sasha Banks. The fact is she’s money as a face or heel. The Internet Wrestling Community may not hold her in the same regard as it did a year ago, but what else is new?

Eventually a growing fraction it turns on every Superstar, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Overall, Banks is still over with the audience so she could remain a babyface. However, her character does work best as a heel and it would help her inevitable feud with Bayley.

Either way, she should remain one of the top female superstars on either brand and have a bright future in WWE.

Weighing whether Banks should remain a face or turn heel

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