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Superstars who would be better on opposite shows

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Imagine if WWE treated its split brands like two legitimate sports franchises. That is the point of having GMs for each show, right?

Let’s assume Raw’s Mick Foley and SmackDown’s Daniel Bryan will make transactions beyond a Heath Slater signing or booking matches. There’s already several competitors who would benefit from a change of scenery.

Here’s a look at the WWE Superstars who would be better on opposite shows:

Cesaro to SmackDown

It’s been said numerous times, but Cesaro belongs on SmackDown. Not only is his in-ring ability better suited for the blue brand, but there’s also a better opportunity for a main event push.

Cesaro could realistically be in Dolph Ziggler’s position as No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship right now. Instead he’s feuding with Sheamus in a best-of-seven series of matches. A best-of-seven feud with Sheamus. It doesn’t get much more disappointing than that.

Cesaro’s value is high, especially with Bryan openly showing interest in him. SmackDown’s GM could put together an enticing package of Superstars that could sway the “Swiss Superman” over to his brand.

Kalisto to Raw

If WWE is going to have a cruiserweight division exclusively on Raw, why is Kalisto on SmackDown? Seriously, that’s his ceiling at this point in his career.

His United States title reign was underwhelming, but he’d be a perfect fit for the cruiserweight division. He’d still be undersized compared to guys wrestling at 205 pounds, so it wouldn’t take away from his underdog character. However, it would provide him with an opponent who can properly complement his style.

Sami Zayn t0 SmackDown

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Sami Zayn isn’t even in a feud heading into WWE’s second biggest show of the year.

This is despite consistently stealing the show at every pay-per-view event since WrestleMania weekend. Then again, at least he defeated Sheamus in a one-off match, rather than being stuck in a likely seven-match feud which will result in nothing.

Bryan recently called Zayn the Superstar he’d “steal away” from Raw, which is no surprise considering they have similar backgrounds and underdog characteristics. Like Cesaro, acquiring Zayn would be huge for SmackDown, but would come at a hefty price.

Carmella to Raw

Why is Carmella not with Enzo and Cass? Seriously, what did putting them on opposite shows prove?

Sure, WWE wants to establish Carmella as a singles competitor, but wouldn’t her character have a better chance of getting over as the valet of WWE’s most popular tag team?

She can be both a female competitor and valet. But there’s no reason to purposely split her up from the act that helped get her character over in the first place.

Dana Brooke to SmackDown

Dana Brooke’s main roster run has been underwhelming. It’s obvious that she was called up from NXT too soon as her flaws have been exposed by live television.

Brooke will likely break away from Charlotte soon and that won’t do her any favors. Turning her babyface would be a horrible idea. If anything, her best attribute is getting heat. Her character is in no way sympathetic.

But more than anything, she’ll continue to be outshadowed by Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Nia Jax on Raw. She’s a much better fit on SmackDown with all of the other recent NXT call-ups. Aside from Becky Lynch, there is no true star in the brand’s women’s division. Brooke is much better off competing in the clustered SmackDown division rather than playing fourth wheel to the Raw women.


American Alpha to Raw

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

OK, American Alpha is being pushed as SmackDown’s top tag team, but what’s the end result? There’s still no championship and their competition includes teams who have spent the majority of the past three years eating pinfalls.

WWE gave up on The Vaudevillains about a month into their main roster run. The Ascension has been buried ever since JBL called them Road Warrior ripoffs and clotheslined them. Breezango is fun, but does it really have a chance of receiving consistent booking?

A.A. deserves its immediate push, but at this point its just a huge fish in a small pond.


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