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SmackDown Live tops Raw in the ratings

(Photo courtesy of WWE.com)

If the ratings from the first night are any indication, then the decision to switch SmackDown to live on Tuesday nights is going to be a resounding success.

The blue brand knocked off Monday Night Raw in terms of ratings, drawing 3.17 million viewers (compared to 3.13 million on Raw) to the USA Network for the WWE Draft.

It has been hyped for weeks that Stephanie McMahon and Raw would be facing off against Shane McMahon and SmackDown Live in a draft that would reshape the face of the company. Mentioned in the storyline has been the competition over match quality, merchandise and even television ratings, with the last tidbit more than likely actually a competition between the two.

In addition to the draft, the show also featured a rematch from Raw between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to determine who would be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion heading into Battleground on Sunday, after the two fought to a draw on Monday night.

The two men were then subsequently chosen as the first two picks of the draft (Rollins to Raw, Ambrose to SmackDown Live) and dubbed the faces of their new brands.

Moving forward, the fact that Raw will still have three hours as opposed to SmackDown Live’s two may hold weight, but with Tuesday nights and SmackDown now operating live (thus, no spoilers for fans to simply read results and not bother tuning in) with their own unique roster, T.V. ratings may be an ongoing poll question to the fan base of which brand they prefer.

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