Reigns’ return makes Battleground must-see

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Uncertainty is the best tool to create hype in this era. Fans are smart, and they are wise to where storylines are headed, which wrestler will win a match, and what is in store for the future. For wrestling fans, the best part of watching every week is fantasy-booking what happens next.

When you can create a story where fans don’t know who’s going to win, or what’s going to happen, you can create great moments. At Battleground, no one knows who is going to win, because there are so many variables in the equation. When Roman Reigns was suspended, it left a lot of room for fans to fantasy-book his next couple of months.

After the suspension, there were more questions than answers. There were questions about the suspension itself, and whether or not it was real. People wondered if Reigns would still be in the triple threat match at Battleground. No one knew if WWE was aware of the failed wellness test before Reigns dropped the title.

There are still so many questions that need to be answered about Roman Reigns. Reigns’ future goes hand-in-hand with the future of WWE. But the answers about Roman Reigns are tied to the outcome of the triple threat match at Battleground. And fans will not want to miss his return.

The first question is, who wins the match? Whoever wins this match will have to be seen as the future of the company. Whichever man walks away with the WWE Championship is probably the pick to be the new face of WWE.

The second and more important question is who takes the fall? There are different scenarios for each man being pinned or submitted. If Ambrose takes the fall, he was nothing more than a transitional champion. He was used to keep the fans happy until Reigns came back. If Rollins takes the fall, it shows that he will stay a heel for the foreseeable future. If it wanted to make him a top babyface, he would be protected. If Reigns takes the fall, then it shows that he is no longer “The Guy.” If he takes the fall, it shows he has fallen down the totem pole at least a couple of spots behind Rollins and Ambrose.

Reigns’ return cannot be missed because it will show what direction WWE will go with the championship and the Roman Reigns character. The reaction from the crowd and how commentary portrays him will also be important.

At Battleground the crowd reaction to Reigns will be huge. The past few weeks the company has used Seth Rollins to create sympathy for something Reigns did to himself. Fans have not been buying it. The only time Reigns’ name has been cheered is when Rollins says he wants to eliminate him from the match. If recent history continues, Reigns will get booed out of the building in Washington, D.C.

Internet fans have been begging for Reigns to turn heel all year, and maybe longer. This situation feels like the right time to pull that trigger. Fans already boo him, and he made his situation worse by failing a wellness test. It would be so easy for Reigns to grab a microphone and turn his back on the WWE Universe. If he comes back as a face, he will still get booed, and his story continues exactly where it left off.

How Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and JBL announce his return will also be interesting to watch. If they want the fans to know what Reigns did was just a one-time mistake and show him in a positive light, then it is obvious he is still set to be a top guy in the company.

There are a lot of questions surrounding Battleground and Roman Reigns, and most of them will be answered during his return from suspension. But no matter the outcome, it will be talked about, and fans will not want to miss out on that action.

Reigns’ return makes Battleground must-see

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