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Reigns’ absence hasn’t made heart grow fonder

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Over the past month, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have put on storytelling clinics, both inside and outside of the ring.

From Seth’s empty arena promo, to Dean Ambrose making an address to the classic “Shield camera,” both men have nodded to the past, whilst showing us how far they have come. Finally seeing the two men go at it on Monday Night Raw has also given fans a taste of the endless mileage both men have as the future of the company. The intrigue in their match is simmering, and the WWE Universe can’t wait to see it.

Oh yes, and Roman Reigns is going to be in it too…

Seth Rollins has cut a few promos on Roman Reigns to remind us that “The Guy” is still alive, and due to return at Battleground to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat, but has anybody really missed Roman Reigns? Absence can sometimes make the heart grow fonder, but sometimes it can make one realize how much better things are without them. The shift in focus to a sole look at what Ambrose and Rollins have to offer has meant that Reigns’ return into the fold isn’t going to be a welcome one. Indeed, he is expected to be the third wheel in this matchup, and quite rightly continue to be booed out of the building.

It doesn’t help matters that Reign’s presence has been kept alive through a series of heel promos from Rollins. He is doling out criticisms that the fans agree with, and nobody is any more sympathetic to the supposed top babyface after being barracked by the top heel.

Part of the problem has been the chance that Rollins and Ambrose have had to show off their evolution. Seeing Ambrose own his aloof, unstable gimmick and amplify it by 11, and Rollins continuing to ramp up his entitlement and bitterness has only emphasized one worrying point: That Roman Reigns just has not evolved at all. He kept the old Shield entrance music, he’s still in his SWAT gear, he still has the same mannerisms, personality, moves, everything. And now that it’s obvious, the fans are only going to resent him for it even more.

Why is anybody going to appreciate a guy who has not been seen to keep his character fresh?

It’s not even the case anymore that fans are angrily naming other people who they’d rather see at the top. Like with Batista there will be considerable backlash against Reigns if he comes waltzing back onto the scene and immediately reinserts himself into the top feud on the program.

The WWE, sadly, is now lumbered with the triple threat match, and with Reigns’ suspension having precluded him from impressing anybody in the buildip is something they are going to have to live with. Reigns is destined to be the party pooper at Battleground, but hopefully, going forward, the WWE can wake up to what has made Rollins and Ambrose so popular and start to revamp Reigns a little.

Although it’s more likely that the WWE will just put the title back on him instead.

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