Ranking most likely title changes at Clash of Champions

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Five championships will be defended Sunday at Clash of Champions. Given that it will be the first Raw-only pay-per-view of the WWE’s  New Era, there should be some title changes expected.

Perhaps Raw counters SmackDown’s Backlash event by having some shakeups of its own. Then again, there are several angles in which the champion seems unlikely to drop to the challenger anyway.

Here’s a look at each potential Clash of Champions title change ranked from least to most likely.

5. Cruiserweight Championship

TJ Perkins has been the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion for just over a week. The title is the newest in WWE, as is the entire division. There’s no way that Perkins will not be protected in this match. Expect both he and Kendrick to look strong, but the CWC winner will prevail once again.

4. Universal Championship

This is kind of similar to the cruiserweight title, being that the Universal Championship is still new. Kevin Owens may be the longest reigning champ in history, but he’s only held the belt for three weeks. Owens needs to have a lengthy reign to establish himself as Raw’s top heel, especially with Seth Rollins taking on a babyface role. Plus, the “Prizefighter” hasn’t used Triple H since winning the title on Raw, so expect “The Game” to interfere.

3. United States Championship

It’s strange seeing Roman Reigns compete for anything lower than a world championship. But facing Rusev is the only way he’ll receive less boos, I guess? I don’t know, I could honestly see either outcome for this match being realistic. It seems unlikely that Reigns would be relegated to a midcard title, but then again, why not?

What’s the damage of elevating the U.S. Championship by putting it on a former WWE World Champion? We all know Reigns will get another shot at the Universal Championship, regardless of whether he adds a U.S. title win to his resume. Although it seems more likely Rusev will win in questionable fashion to keep Reigns looking strong without saddling him with the midcard title.

2. Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks’ reign as Women’s Champion was short-lived. There’s a strong possibility that WWE will give her a second run with the belt beginning on Sunday. It’s not impossible to think Bayley could win this match either. “The Hugger” has been booked favorably since debuting in August and is the only Four Horsewomen member who hasn’t yet held a Women’s Championship.

But it is still very likely that Charlotte retains by using heel tactics, which will set up for an angle involving the two challengers renewing their NXT feud. Then again, WWE will need a babyface to defend against Nia Jax, unless all of her squash matches are just leading to nothing.

1. Tag Team Championship

New Day has been your W…W…E…World…Tag…Team…Champions for more than a year. At this point, the trio is more relevant than the actual titles. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were big acquisitions from NJPW, but haven’t been booked as such. The Bullet Club alum have come up short in both title and non-title matches since debuting in April.

Gallows and Anderson actually need the titles to elevate their status as a threatening heel tag team. Plus, putting the belts on them creates an opportunity for the babyface duo of Enzo & Cass to work a championship angle with a heel team. That’s something we can look forward to if WWE decides to give Gallows and Gun a run with the belts.

Ranking most likely title changes at Clash of Champions

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