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Random tag teams a tired creative cop out

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

You know that creative is completely running out of ideas when two guys are floundering in dark matches and house shows for a few months and then suddenly emerge as a tag team.

Sometimes it works. Big E Langston, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were going nowhere when they were suddenly grouped together. It was only the discovery of immense chemistry between the three that led to them becoming a huge success, but there are a great many tag teams lost in the annals of WWE history who fans look back at and give a mere shrug of apathy. Others don’t work so well; The Golden Truth reeks of giving the old timers something to do, while the duo of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens seems to just be a placeholder arrangement to make way for other singles feuds and is bound not to last beyond SummerSlam.

The Undertaker and Big Show were tag team partners at one time. As were Big Show and Billy Gunn. As were Big Show and Chris Jericho. There are other such forgotten tag teams, but cadence is key and Big Show just happens to be a repeat offender in this instance.

Just last Monday, we discovered that Neville and Sin Cara have now formed a tag team for no reason. Since they went over the Dudley Boyz, who now honorably exist to be beaten by serious competitors in the tag team division, we can assume that the WWE is serious about attempting to push Neville and Sin Cara as a cohesive unit. It’s an obvious ad hoc thing that stems from a lack of imagination due to the fact that the two men are are totally unsuited to each other as a team. What they both make up for in agility and skill in the ring, they lack in mic charisma and chemistry.

The duo may well put on a series of entertaining matches, but it has never not been a waste of time whenever the WWE has cobbled together a tag team with no intended mileage in this way. If creative is not intent on trying to conjure up a generation-defining tag team, then there’s no point in taking the step in the first place. While Sin Cara perhaps doesn’t exactly have the confidence of the WWE Universe, Neville is somebody in whom the fans have an investment in and a desire to see. Putting “The Man that Gravity Forgot” into a meaningless tag team is only going to detract from his own personality and stifle his creative development.

You can say what you like about the Attitude Era and Vince Russo’s booking of it, just so long as you acknowledge that under his yoke the mid and lower cards always had something to be getting on with and someone to not get on with. Ramming tag teams together and just seeing what happens is a crass lack of imagination and a waste of intriguing character development.

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