Opinion: Big stage or not, Banks deserving of second title reign

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Sasha Banks and Charlotte will battle have their umpteenth Raw Women’s Championship match Monday. But it isn’t just any Raw, this one’s live from Los Angeles.

Apparently, that means it’s a bigger episode than usual. Perhaps WWE wants to boost its ratings after competing with both Monday Night Football and the presidential debate, but I digress.

Banks and Charlotte will have yet another match for the title. It’s a feud that has gone on since both dominated the women’s division in NXT. Charlotte has become the most dominant woman in professional wrestling. Banks has been the only person to have defeated her clean.

That included a title victory on the first post-Draft episode of Raw. But Banks dropped the championship several weeks later at SummerSlam, presumably because of a back injury that — at the time — was expected to keep her out of action.

Instead, she returned before the next pay-per-view and challenged Charlotte and Bayley for the Women’s Championship. To no surprise, Charlotte used outside interference from Dana Brooke to retain the title, which has been her tactic throughout her year-plus on the main roster.

So here we are. Two of WWE’s brightest female stars will once again battle for Raw’s Women’s Championship. Does Banks actually have a chance of pulling off another title win?

If we are to believe that this Raw is a “big deal,” it’s very likely. Of all the noteworthy things that could happen this seems like the most realistic.

Banks should still be the Raw Women’s Champion. Aside from her injury, there was no point in taking the belt off her so suddenly just to give it back to Charlotte. If anything, WWE would have extended Flair’s reign without having Banks’ wedged between, unless its goal is to have her match her father’s record 16 title reigns.

But there’s little doubt that “The Boss'” back prognosis was more severe than reality. WWE must’ve assumed Banks would miss considerable time, rather than reappear in action just a few weeks later. Otherwise it made no sense to give her a short run as champion only to take it away in her first pay-per-view defense.

It almost feels like it never happened because it was such a short span. Honestly, doesn’t it just seem like Charlotte has held a female championship for more than the past year? If Monday’s episode of Raw is a special one, there’s a very good chance Banks walks out as champion.

But that raises the question of whether it’s a big enough stage for her title win. At that point, you have Banks as a two-time champion who has won both titles on cable TV, not a major PPV. However, that really shouldn’t matter even to the biggest wrestling cynic.

It shouldn’t make a difference when or where Banks wins her championship, just as long as she wins clean. As a babyface, that is the most important factor. Banks’ victory on Raw was executed perfectly, especially after fans watched Charlotte use the “cheat and retain” tactic for almost a full year.

No one will think of “The Boss” as champion based on when or where her victory takes place. Banks could win on her second title at a house show and remain one of women’s wrestling’s top performers. In today’s age of social media, fans would see it and acknowledge it like a PPV victory.

Monday’s match could be more than a random throwaway Raw title match in which the heel champion retains. Banks could repeat history by defeating Charlotte for the second time on WWE’s flagship show. It won’t hurt her legacy, rather give the program a proverbial “jolt in the arm” after record low ratings and underachieving compared to SmackDown since the WWE Draft.

Opinion: Big stage or not, Banks deserving of second title reign

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