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Nia Jax’s squash matches are best way to build character

(Photo courtesy of WWE.com)

Nia Jax has made an immediate impact since joining the Raw roster. So far, Jax has had two matches and won both with ease.

Last week, we discussed why WWE adding squash matches was best for the new era. Both Jax and a repackaged Braun Strowman have run through “local competition” to build a repertoire with Raw fans.

Really, that’s the only way to go with Jax. WWE is capitalizing on what makes her special: that she’s different.

Jax is “not like most girls,” according to her theme song. She is a 6-foot, 272-pound former plus size model with ties to the Anoa’i Samoan Dynasty.

Jax has an obvious size and strength advantage over the rest of the women’s division. So naturally, she should be built as a monster heel early in her main roster run.

Putting her against an indie wrestler in a no-sell match makes her look stronger. Two weeks in, Jax already looks like a legitimate threat for the Women’s Championship.

Jax’s introduction to the WWE Universe is also crucial. Even the most popular NXT stars may be unfamiliar to a large portion of the Raw and SmackDown Live audiences.

Jax was a presence in NXT, but hardly as over as Bayley and Asuka or Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks before her. Even the latter needed an introduction during their main roster promotions and several matches to legitimize themselves.

Unfortunately, Raw’s women’s division is thin after the WWE Draft. Only Jax, new Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and former champ Charlotte are getting consistent television time.

While Jax needs to get herself over, Banks needs to legitimize herself as champion while building her feud with Charlotte. These two storylines shouldn’t intertwine until after SummerSlam.

However, with Jax running through local competition and eventually full-time competitors in squash matches, she’ll provide a legitimate case to challenge for the title. It’s exactly how she was built in NXT before challenging Bayley for the Women’s Championship at TakeOver: London.

Jax managed to legitimize herself as a top heel. Although she was never as big of a star as the aforementioned women, she did make an impact during her short NXT run.

Why change what already worked once? WWE doesn’t intend to make Jax as popular as Banks or Lynch, instead having her gain legit heel heat by beating her competition unmercifully.

Eventually, Jax will challenge for the Women’s Championship. With Banks being an undersized competitor, the feud should be enticing.

Banks is one of the best at telling stories through her matches. She will be able to put on an excellent match against the much larger Jax, like Bayley did at TakeOver.

This is the perfect feud to make both superstars look strong. Jax will likely spend the majority of the match dominating, while Banks uses her prowess to pick up a victory. The feud can extend and neither will look weak in the process.

WWE has handled Jax’s call up well thus far. The former NXT standout has been legitimized as a monster heel and should continue to wreak havoc on the women’s division.

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