A Nia Jax title reign is full of potential

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The act of feeding meaningless jobbers to monster heels has been a common creative decision for years in professional wrestling. However, utilizing this method has rarely, if ever, been seen when promoting a female wrestler.

Presently, WWE is taking Nia Jax down this road, evidenced by her complete and utter pancaking of female jobbers since leaving NXT for the Monday Night Raw roster. Nia Jax does not even sniff charisma that lingers from the pores of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Bayley, charisma that has been valuable in allowing women’s wrestling in WWE to become a headlining act.

Thankfully, charisma is not Nia Jax’s game–bodily destruction is, which is something that is difficult to say about many female professional wrestlers. She may not ever be the draw of her counterparts, but her monster gimmick provides credibility to the ever-budding Monday Night Raw Women’s Division. Soon, she must be prepped to be the Women’s Championship, as her unique presence not only adds credibility to the title and division, but her losing it will serve as a launching pad for whomever gets the victory.

This summer’s WWE Draft firmly established that Monday Night Raw was going to be the brand that was going to showcase top notch women’s wrestling. SmackDown Live has Becky Lynch and Natalya, but their women’s division has a group of women still trying to make their mark. Make no mistake, Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha Banks are the ones that should be referred to as the torchbearers for the recent women’s wrestling revolution.

With that being said, they are also the only three women wrestlers being showcased in primary storylines on Monday Night Raw. As polarizing as these ladies are, any fan is going to grow weary of only three competitors, no matter how many “fight forever” chants they garner from the live audience.

Enter Nia Jax.

Although she is not involved in a primary storyline, WWE has made it clear that she is one to be feared within the Monday Night Raw women’s division. Her recent evisceration of Alicia Fox, who, a plethora of misplaced gimmicks aside, is a former WWE Diva’s Champion (and a pretty decent wrestler on her own), should serve as the final step before going after the Monday Night Raw Women’s Championship.

Beyond simply being another female wrestler contributing to the recent revolution of women’s wrestling, Nia Jax is adding further credibility to the movement by serving as a monster heel, a role that has taken the likes of Kane, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker to the promised land on multiple occasions. In a division that has seen impressive speed and technical ability serve as its foundation, the women’s division is set to become even more eclectic with the addition of Jax. She represents a roadblock to the progression of Banks, Charlotte, and Bayley.

If Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, and other spirited competitors like them have taught us anything, it’s that professional wrestling fans love those who overcome obstacles.

Nia Jax holding the Monday Night Raw Women’s Championship serves two other purpose beyond making the division more eclectic. First, having a monster hold the belt allows Raw’s women to firmly supplant those on SmackDown, making Monday night the quintessential location for women’s wrestling anywhere in the world. As the gatekeeper of the progression of Raw’s pre-established female talents, Nia Jax would become, far and away, the biggest heel in women’s wrestling, and one of the biggest heels in the entire WWE, further skyrocketing the credibility of WWE’s women’s revolution.

Arguably more importantly, her eventual defeat is going to serve as as massive springboard for the career of her conqueror, possibly on Hulk-slamming-Andre levels (at least on Lex-slamming-Yoko levels). Her title run cannot be a brief one, for an abbreviated Nia Jax title run depletes the unique notion that WWE has in having a female monster heel. When this reign comes to its eventual end, the victor will not only become the Monday Night Raw Women’s Champion, but will automatically become one of the top draws in the company, even bigger than Raw’s Three Horsewomen already are. In addition, she will have a lengthy title reign under her belt, making her an established heel whose presence instantly adds credibility to anything she happens to be involved with.

I sincerely hope that WWE knows what it has in Nia Jax. She can become the legendary female monster heel that Awesome Kong (Kharma) should have been. However, she has something on her side that Kong never had; she has the women’s wrestling revolution while Kharma has glorified supermodels to toss around. The time is truly ripe for someone like Nia Jax to make a mark in the WWE, and the world’s leading wrestling promotion must allow her to bloom.

A Nia Jax title reign is full of potential

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