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New Day floundering without Big E

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

When The New Day turned from being a cheesy, overly positive failed faces to find ironic hipness last year, they established themselves as being arguably the hottest act on the WWE roster. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods took fledgling spots on the card and reinvented themselves into fun-loving, hilarious, often times risqué routine highlights of any show they touched. There have been plenty of acts that have utilized comedy, but New Day has brought something truly unique to the table that the WWE Universe has accepted with open arms.

But their days may be numbered. Two events took place that may have shown that it is time for dusk to engulf the New Day.

First, Enzo and Cass have gotten over with fans in a similar, yet unique way, which is beginning to phase New Day out. Second, the loss of Big E has left a void in The New Day that shows that without him, the comedic heart and soul of the faction, the “Power of Positivity” may begin to dwindle.

One would think that a three-hour program would provide plenty of room for two comedy-based teams like New Day and Enzo and Cass. Since debuting the night after WrestleMania, the “Certified Gs” have been one of the hottest acts in the company, seizing virtually every segment that they have been a part of, including being the highlights of two opening Monday Night Raw segments over the past month.

All three New Day members (particularly Woods) have been solid on the mic, but not one of them holds a candle to the verbal assaults Enzo Amore has laid down since first appearing on WWE programming. New Day’s frequent allusions to non-PG subject matter has been a refreshing distraction for downtrodden fans looking back fondly on the days of the Attitude Era and years after. The gags were aplenty, but they were always fresh. Their “Power of Positivity” has been a hilarious “Theater of the Absurd” that has not only provided consistent laughs, but has also given the WWE license to utilize the talents of Kingston, Woods and Big E.

Coincidentally, Xavier Woods used to play a character in TNA named Consequences Creed, an obvious allusion to the Rocky franchise’s Apollo Creed. Much like Apollo, after many wins, The New Day is gearing towards not being able to answer the 10 count.

Big E has been out with an injury for three weeks; his absence has left a noticeable hole in The New Day’s fabric. The WWE Tag Team Champion have been missing their gyrating muscle, and their dwindling responses from the live crowd is evidence of this. Kofi Kingston legitimizes the group as a multi-time champion. Xavier Woods is the charismatic nerd, capable of wrestling just as well has he randomly uses topical references during an in-ring promo.

Big E, however, has proven himself to be the group’s beating heart. For a couple years prior to the introduction of the group, he was used as little more than an athletic weightlifter and bodyguard to Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. The New Day gave Big E the platform to showcase the true range he possesses. He is dynamic, by miles the most dynamic member of the New Day.

Although the matches have been solid in Big E’s absence, Kingston and Woods show that it truly a daunting task to produce the consistently entertaining, comedic work The New Day has become known for without Big E. With the tag champs not filling Monday Night Raw’s comedic void, they have opened the door for Enzo and Cass to become the flagship show’s premier tandem that can bring the funny as well as the pain, and they are doing it better than The New Day ever did.

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