Miz’s compounding heat set to breed a future star

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The Ultimate Warrior may have found a way to become a professional wrestling icon with or without winning the Intercontinental Championship. However, when he ended The Honky Tonk Man’s 454-day run with the belt at SummerSlam ’88, he was catapulted into the realm of superstardom. He stood for a greater, more heroic cause, and ending the reign of a man who stole the belt from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was an action that was truly symbolic of his cause.

Now, there is little chance that there is a portion of the locker room that hears this and immediately purchases face paint, Creatine and training bike handle-bar tassels. However, some may need to take notes, as their career is going to receive a similar rub when finally defeating The Miz for this ill-gotten Intercontinental Championship.

The Miz is our Honky; there is no shame in his game. He has flamboyantly flaunted the fact that he avoids taking risks in order to preserve his body for the silver screen, as well as for the wrestling ring. If it wasn’t for his wife, Maryse, The Miz would currently be a jobber in way that would make the Brooklyn Brawler look like Bruno Sammartino. Not only has The Miz accumulated heat due to this fact, but he has made it perfectly clear to the WWE Universe, and also militantly to Daniel Bryan, that his way of wrestling not only stalls injury, it wins championships.

We hate The Miz because he is right. We don’t like being wrong, and we will drop our hard-earned money in the hopes of witnessing someone taking the respected Intercontinental Championship from around his A-List waist.  Said someone will immediately fast-tracked towards a main event spot when doing so.

SmackDown appears to be the perfect brand to hold this magnanimous event, as its WWE Draft strategy indicates that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are committed to building towards the future rather than duplicating the past. The drafting of several NXT talents is evidence of this, and it must be an up-and-coming Superstar that gets the honors.

Much has already been said of The Miz simply spinning his wheels in his feud against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler’s feud for the WWE Championship with Dean Ambrose was premised on the fact that he simply cannot win the big one, as Ambrose reminded him.

As it turned out, Dean was right, which inspired Dolph to take himself one belt down and started a feud with Miz that appears to be more about promoting KFC rather than fighting over one of the most respected belts in the history of professional wrestling. Not only is it embarrassing to see Dolph Ziggler dressed up as a Civil War era-Billy Idol, but having The Miz in a chicken suit is demeaning to the progress he has made in his recent run with the belt.  Unlike most cheating heels that deny their heelish actions, The Miz flaunts them, a startling contrast that has made him one of the most captivating aspects of current WWE programming.

Dolph Ziggler, WWE’s resident ne’er-do-well, and those like him who have had endless shots at promotion, cannot touch the prestige that is going to come with ending The Miz’s reign. It must be an upstart. The only question is, who is it going to be?

All signs once pointed towards Apollo Crews being the guy to be propelled when taking the belt from The Miz.  However, he seems to have been downgraded as an ornamental addition to Ziggler’s pursuit and has since been pinned by The Miz on a handful of occasions since his original shot at the belt at SummerSlam. His day may come, but he has been creatively removed from consideration for the time being.

After giving the current SmackDown roster a gander, one will find that there is not one soul (unless WWE finally decides to utilize Tyler Breeze) that has any business taking the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz. One may see this as a detriment, but this situation is quite the opposite.

Like The Honky Tonk Man before him, The Miz has an opportunity to build a fraudulent legacy, one that finds him marinating in the hate of fans everywhere as they witness his wife and whatever happens to be in her purse allow him to hold on to the respected title. Already universally hated, The Miz is positioned to receive heat from another dimension (something one may call “Vickie Guerrero heat”).  Eventually, a boiling point will be reached, and someone’s career will be elevated as a result.

Until that day comes (I’m looking at you, Hideo Itami), The Miz will continue to be pickled in our hate as one of the only true heels in the WWE.

Miz’s compounding heat set to breed a future star

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