Miz-Ziggler feud will mean more on revamped SmackDown

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Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Dolph Ziggler and The Miz are about to enter a midcard feud.

The two laid the foundation for yet another angle on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Ziggler interrupted Miz’s whining, which led the self-proclaimed A-Lister to leave the ring.

In the past, a Miz-Ziggler feud would have been an afterthought. But on the revamped version of SmackDown, it could be one of the show’s best angles.

Following the WWE Draft, every SmackDown Superstar has a chance to make the most of their storyline. The blue brand no longer rehashes Raw angles with half of the main roster on its show.

Now, guys like The Miz and Ziggler can make an Intercontinental Championship match actually mean something. That’s something the champion has done extremely well as of late.

Miz is red hot coming off arguably the best promo of the year during an appearance on Talking Smack last week. The IC title also has more value on a show that currently has one other champion.

Ziggler is also enjoying his best status in recent memory. He faced Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam after months of losing.

Ziggler’s character still has a chip on his shoulder after his loss, which provides the perfect opponent for Miz. Both Superstars believe they deserve more appreciation.

Miz and Ziggler have enjoyed steady success in WWE. They are former world champions who have also held both midcard titles on numerous occasions.

Even though their greatest success is in the past, both competitors have impressive resumés. So yes, they are both in a better position than they were last year, but have legitimate gripes to be higher on the card as well.

For once, Miz and Ziggler will have a meaningful feud. Plus, the chemistry will be there since they’ve worked matches so many times.

Seriously, WWE thought enough of their sparring to cast them as Colonel Sanders and a chicken. Not only did it have faith in both to wrestle well enough in costumes, but also figured they had enough chemistry to work well together. Also, that in itself provided more backstory, with Miz gripping about being underappreciated.

Their in-ring work together has never been questioned. Miz may wrestle a “safe style” according to Daniel Bryan, but he’s better than most purists give him credit for. He’s, if nothing else, solid in the ring and has been capable of putting on good matches.

Ziggler is one of the best workers in professional wrestling. His selling is second to none due to his natural athleticism. Now that the two actually have a compelling feud, it should be more than an afterthought.

The WWE Championship feud will always be SmackDown’s main event angle. But after that, the show has a need for several other compelling feuds.

Miz-Ziggler should be high on the card at Backlash, the first SmackDown-only pay-per-view. With their recent booking, as well as a less cluttered card, the two Superstars should get the proper buildup they deserve and elevate their angle.

Miz-Ziggler feud will mean more on revamped SmackDown

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