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Mini Shield Reunion could work wonders for Reigns, Rollins

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

It’s finally happening. Well, sort of.

The long-awaited Shield reunion may be taking place. At least, between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Which really may not count considering Reigns and Dean Ambrose have spent the majority of the past two years as BFFs, but I digress.

Rollins made a run-in to help Reigns from a two-on-one attack by Chris Jericho and Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The two stood across the ring and stared as the crowd showered them with “Shield” chants as Raw went off the air.

What makes this different from the numerous Ambrose-Reigns alliances is obviously that Rollins is involved. The same person who blindsided Reigns with a chair to effectively end the Shield.

The move made Rollins the handpicked apprentice to Triple H and The Authority. It also made him one of the top heels in WWE. But now the tables have turned. Triple H screwed Rollins out of a Universal Championship in favor of Owens and now the self-proclaimed “Architect of the Shield” is the one seeking revenge as a babyface.

Rollins’ character isn’t much different, however. He’s still talking about “burning down Raw” and has the same arrogance but his attacks are now on heels.

Rollins is getting over with most of the crowd, but it still seems strange for him to be a babyface suddenly. That’s why a mini Shield reunion makes sense for him.

Rollins’ attack on his Shield “brothers” is arguably the most memorable heel move of his career. The Shield was such a huge deal at the time and their demolition is historic to wrestling fans.

Rollins proved to be selfish and untrustworthy by taking out his so called brethren for his own benefit. That’s why it’s difficult to just act like he’s suddenly the protagonist on Raw, especially after he spent the next two years doing what Owens is doing to him.

However, having Rollins align with Reigns would dispel that perception. If done properly, WWE could have Rollins atone for his actions and repent his wrong-doing. Plus, it would be an easy nostalgia pop to see the two back together, especially since they were the two who held the tag-team titles, not Ambrose.

For Reigns, it’s beneficial to reunite with Rollins because nothing else will get him over as a top babyface. We’ve already discussed how the cheap sporadic alliance with Sasha Banks backfired at getting him cheered despite Banks’ overwhelming popularity with the majority of the audience. Or that WWE sent The Rock — arguably one of the most beloved superstars in wrestling history — out during the height of the “Reigns hate” during his Royal Rumble victory as a way to ease some of the hostility and failed miserably.

This, however, is much different. A mini Shield reunion would give fans the Roman Reigns they claim they want: Shield Roman Reigns. Perhaps silent badass Roman Reigns if Rollins is handling the majority of the promo work — although, I do think Reigns held his own in his promo with Owens and Jericho this week.

That’s why all parties involved benefit from this mini Shield reunion. The biggest question is whether Ambrose gets involved in some way.

Sure, he’s on SmackDown, but Survivor Series will have both rosters featured. Perhaps he tells Reigns not to trust Rollins. That may be the most interesting factor. How does this effect the true Shield reunion long-term?

Turning Rollins face was step one. Having Reigns trust him will be step two. Getting Ambrose involved will be the final step in having a true Shield reunion. But for now, the alliance between Reigns and Rollins will have to suffice.

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