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What to make of Jericho, Owens partnership

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Among the more interesting developments to come out of Raw was Chris Jericho picking up an ally. And, no, I’m not talking about Jimmin Marvinluder, the toughest guy west of Winnipeg.

Near the end of Monday’s broadcast, Jericho seemed to form a dangerous partnership with Kevin Owens.

During a backstage interview, Jericho ran down Enzo Amore and Big Cass, noting that the smaller of the two has some imposing reinforcement around for when he gets into a pickle. Jericho claimed to have backup of his own for such predicaments, but was quickly called on it.

Before long, Owens, who guest-commentated an earlier mixed tag match featuring both Jericho and Enzo, showed up and told Jericho that he had his back. Of course, Owens’ disdain for Enzo is what got him to the commentary table in the first place.

Still, Owens is someone who’s always seemed to prefer working alone throughout his time in WWE. He’s become known for walking out on tag team partners. This makes it curious that he volunteered to join Jericho and raises the question of what future this alliance has.

On one hand, it seems this is likely a one-off program. Jericho and Owens teaming up is simply a way to get both of them, as well as Enzo and Cass, on the SummerSlam card. Their mutual disdain for Enzo and Cass, as well as their own star power, makes that a logical conclusion to come to.

Not to mention that this is Jericho’s longest WWE run in recent memory. It’s been a fun run, but one that could seemingly come to an end at a moment’s notice. Therefore, investing too much in the team of Owens and Jericho could prove to be a bit of a waste.

On the other hand, this has been, arguably, Jericho’s best run in the WWE since 2008. Returning to his heel roots has seemingly rejuvenated the man known as Y2J. He’s a solid hand to have on board and one the WWE will gladly keep around for as long as he’s willing to stay.

We’ve seen in backstage segments that Owens and Jericho have a good chemistry with one another. They’re charismatic enough to play well off each other and egomaniacal enough to bicker with one another. That said, Owens and Jericho are perceived as being among the more dangerous singles competitors on Raw. Their union could spell trouble for the flagship show’s tag team division.

Owens and Jericho are more than skilled enough as microphone workers to entertain the masses in verbal jousts with Enzo and Cass and The New Day. They’d give each of the mega-popular duos new foes on a roster that isn’t exactly brimming with them. And they’d also be a viable threat to capture the tag team straps.

Now, this partnership wouldn’t be permanent. Jericho could leave sooner than later and, even if he doesn’t, he and Owens are too valuable as singles competitors to slot them in the tag team scene for more than few months. But, Seth Rollins, Rusev and Sheamus are plenty capable heels. That trio could certainly hold things down for a bit while the two Canadians bolster the tag team scene.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the union of Jericho and Owens. It’s a partnership that could turn Raw’s big three in the tag team scene – New Day, Enzo and Cass and The Club – into a big four. It could also keep the rivalries those groups are sure to have over the next several months on the backburner, keep them fresh, for a bit longer.

But the depth of the roster after the brand extension might force the WWE’s hand. Pairing two of Raw’s biggest stars together for more than a few weeks simply might not be sustainable. Whatever the case, for however long “Jeri-KO” lasts, it should be fun.

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