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Late draft slot set Owens up for greatness

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Many fans were baffled on Tuesday night when Kevin Owens was not drafted until late into the show. His microphone and ring work have been unmatched as he continues to steal each segment he takes part in. Wouldn’t one think that the WWE Draft would have been time for his work to be noticed?

Owens’ former work as Kevin Steen, which was an amplified version of his current PG self, showed that his character is a madman, willing to obliterate everyone and everything, including the company itself, in order be recognized for the value he has. The catchphrase “Kill Steen Kill” was not conjured up out of thin air. Steen was as brutal, unapologetic and bloodthirsty as anyone who has ever put on a pair of boots.

The WWE Draft will serve as an indicator to Owens that he is not seen in the appropriate light by the powers that be. Where others may see a misplacement of value, they should see a lunatic preparing to carpet bomb the WWE with a villainous streak that only the former Kevin Steen can provide.

The WWE deserves a better class of criminal, and he is going to give it to them. Get ready to meet the real Kevin Owens.

This transition into the clown prince of the WWE began last year when he defeated John Cena in his first match on the main roster. In the weeks leading up to that match, Owens showed the WWE that he does not possess concern for the well being of others around him, and that he is simply a prizefighter. He was Ivan Drago to John Cena’s Rocky.

In the mind of Owens, he was undoubtedly thinking “If he dies, he dies.”

This cold approach to the competition led him to his first iconic win over Cena. However, since that win, Owens has received little opportunity to take over as the “face that runs the place” when in his mind, one can easily recognize that is what Owens considers himself. His consistent excellent performances obviously were not enough to be included in the running for the WWE Championship.

This restraint from the main event began to alleviate as January’s Royal Rumble approached. Owens was considered a frontrunner to win the match and that he would begin to forge his path towards his first WWE Championship. That is, until Sami Zayn re-entered his life.

His path to madness has been continued due to the fact that this was not an iconic competitor such as Cena or Randy Orton standing in his way; it was his former best friend, a man who almost became godfather to his child. What little heart Owens had has been blackened beyond recognition.

As if another setback was needed to send Owens over the edge, he did not get drafted during Tuesday night’s draft until halfway through the show. Some may see this as an injustice towards a performer that has arguable been the MVP of WWE programming since his debut last year. However, they need to consider WWE’s misstep for what it really is: the fuse being lit to ignite Owens’ inevitable, villainous, and highly entertaining breakdown. Since beating Cena last year, Owens had setback after setback. His shoddy draft position should serve as the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Stephanie McMahon’s and Mick Foley’s roster formation has set up Owens beautifully to run roughshod through their seemingly superior Monday Night Raw roster. WWE has not seen a truly demonic heel since Randy Orton was terrorizing Triple H and the McMahons back in late 2010. The stage has been set for Owens to display a kind of villain that could far surpass the former Orton and become one that is to be remembered for years to come. Kevin Owens is simply custom-built for this role. He has made is clear that human beings beyond those that live under his roof mean nothing to him, and human beings, one of which being a former best friend, have taken food from his family’s table. WWE has poked the bear for the last time, and they are about to find out just what kind of investment Kevin Owens is.

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