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Is Heyman enough to carry Lesnar-Goldberg feud?

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

It looks like we’re actually going to get a Brock Lesnar-Goldberg match.

Last week, Goldberg teased a comeback on ESPN and named Lesnar as his choice opponent. On Monday, “The Beast’s” advocate Paul Heyman answered the former WCW Champion’s segment.

Heyman officially challenged Goldberg to “a fight” on behalf of his client. You know, because neither of the Superstars were there to do it themselves.

Lesnar is as a part-time Superstar and makes limited appearances. Goldberg, however, will answer the challenge next week and make his first WWE appearance in 12 years.

But it’s likely he will too have a limited work schedule of appearances, which means this feud will likely be Heyman carrying it for the majority of the build-up and were probably better off that way.

I don’t think I need to explain how good Heyman is on the mic. He’s arguably one of the best non-wrestlers of the past 20 years due to his gift of gab. Heyman’s silver tongue not only motivated the ECW roster to run through walls, but also promoted the brand to be the No. 3 wrestling promotion in the world.

In recent years, he’s had an easier gig selling Brock Lesnar as an absolute monster in all of his feuds. But no one does it better than Heyman, which is necessary considering Lesnar’s struggles cutting worked promos.

But this case is different. Lesnar isn’t going against a full-time Superstar. Instead, he’s feuding with someone who has spent less time on WWE television than he has. That hasn’t been the case since his feud with Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work.

The Goldberg-Lesnar feud is big enough to put off until a big pay-per-view, like Survivor Series. All WWE has to do is provide little reminders, like Goldberg’s ESPN segment, before the immediate build-up to the November event.

There will still be fan interest even though they had a disappointing match more than 12 years ago at WrestleMania 20. Lesnar was still early in his career and had not yet been legitimized as the fighting machine he has become since his UFC run. Goldberg’s absence creates even more intrigue to see him return to action. Those factors sell themselves and make this match even more appealing. But it can only  get better by adding Heyman’s promos to the mix.

Really, there’s no need to have Goldberg appear until either the night of the match or perhaps the last Raw before it. If he shows up too far in advance, it spoils the mystique of the comeback. So there’s really no option but to have Heyman carry this feud.

Let’s assume both Goldberg and Lesnar appeared consistently from now until Survivor Series. That’s more than a month of standing in the ring and not having a match. The most we’d see from them is a brawl separated by security or the entire roster.

Instead, we have Heyman providing excellent promos to remind us why we should care about this feud. Monday’s promo was the perfect example. Heyman built up Goldberg as a legitimate legend before denouncing him as a threat to Lesnar. That’s the perfect build-up for this match, acknowledging the former Superstar as a big deal but making Lesnar seem like a bigger one.

And sure, there’s a risk that the feud could get stale. But between the name value and having Heyman as wrestling’s best salesman, it should keep fan interest until the actual match.

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