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Hell in a Cell tag title match a lose-lose situation

New Day (Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

After weeks of being forced into a tag team following their brutal best-of-seven series, Sheamus’ and Cesaro’s chemistry is finally going to be tested on Sunday when they receive the Raw Tag Team Championship match that Mick Foley promised them when their final encounter ended in a draw.

Their comradery comes as quite the contrast to champions, The New Day, whose run with the gold could be on the verge of surpassing Demolition’s record of 478 days very soon.

Though the interaction between the two teams heading into this Sunday hasn’t been all that heated — what with the majority of time being spent on the tension between Cesaro and Sheamus themselves — the fact that Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods have been carrying the straps for well over a year makes it feel like the champions are living on borrowed time right now, which will likely add a chip to their own respective shoulders when the bell rings at Hell in a Cell.

As such, this is going to be all out war, even with respect felt between Cesaro and the champs.

The issue here, however, is that even though either of these teams could believably walk out of Boston with the titles this weekend, neither outcome would do any good for the tag team division, the championships, or any of the men involved in the long run.

Make no mistake – Sheamus, Cesaro and The New Day are extraordinary athletes, and deserve whatever success they have coming their way in future. But the way things are now, none of these guys stand to gain anything from a win, or successful defense, of the Raw Tag Team Championships.

First looking at WWE’s latest hybrid of mid-card talent, the team of Sheamus and Cesaro has virtually zero longevity to it considering how thin the singles roster is starting to appear.

Without a doubt, these men are solo stars at heart, so to see their independent potential squandered in an unnecessary alliance feels like a serious waste of Monday Night Raw’s best resources — resources that are going to come in very handy when fans start to grow weary of seeing guys like Rollins, Owens, Reigns and Rusev dance around in the brand’s primary title pictures for too long.

On top of that, the tag division already has some relatively decent names in there with the likes of Enzo and Big Cass, and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, so WWE had almost no justifiable reasoning to take Cesaro and Sheamus away from the mid-card in favor of a wacky allegiance.

Emphasis on the word almost.

In hindsight, with the challenge extended by SmackDown for Raw to gather its best male, female and tag team stars, it feels like this whole charade of making opposites attract and putting two enemies on the same page was done in an effort to satisfy the requirements for Raw to go toe-to-toe with the blue brand. Now with Sheamus and Cesaro showcasing signs of solidarity, Raw can put them alongside the roster’s best tag teams to face off against SmackDown at Survivor Series.

That’s it, and apparently nothing more, which means it would be foolish to gift this tandem with the tag team titles just for the sake of making them look like a formidable alliance.

Aside from the brand warfare aspect, there’s no scope for Sheamus and Cesaro with the straps going forward, and they would end up being little more than transitional champions, just satisfying the conditions before someone better comes along to carry the gold in a much more effective way.

As for the reigning champions, it’s been stated for quite some time now that despite once being the innovative and ground-breaking trio that brought tag-team wrestling back from the brink within WWE, The New Day have grown incredibly stale in their week-to-week activities.

Their catchphrases may still be over with the fans, but there have been plenty of great opportunities for them to drop the titles lately and the window is quickly closing before fans turn on The New Day altogether. The men have been champions for over a year, and keeping in mind that this is only their second reign, the Raw tag team division is in need of some significant changes.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, in particular, would be a welcome breath of fresh air with the gold, because it would seriously strengthen The Club’s representation on both brands given that AJ Styles is the WWE World Champion on SmackDown, and the guys are just great at being the bad guys.

If anyone was going to do a great job at ruining The New Day’s chances of becoming the longest-reigning champions of all time, it’s The Club. WWE just hasn’t been willing to make the call.

All things considered, it really is a lose-lose situation heading into Sunday, seeing as both outcomes would have a negative effect in the grand scheme of things. Some would say that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t, implying that WWE should just keep the straps on The New Day until after the Survivor Series showdown between Raw and SmackDown, but it’s really down to a matter of opinion with regards to which team would do less damage with the gold.

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