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Hell in a Cell Roundtable: Did the show deliver?

Hell in a Cell
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Moment of the night?

Joseph NardoneWhile I think the women’s title match had many big moments, the singular biggest was Seth Rollins putting Kevin Owens through the double-tables.

What made the spot that much more special was Rollins’ show of strength, as he had to regain control of Owens after the setup wasn’t working, and deadlifted that giant human into the ready-position. Seriously, it was patently absurd.

It was such a big moment, it was rather shocking that spot didn’t end the match. Usually, whenever something as huge as that bump occurs, it is the end of the bout.

Jason Hall: The Women’s Championship main event. It was another good match from Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair and there were a few crazy Hell in a Cell spots. Overall, it was what you expected. The cell was used but the spots weren’t too over the top. Really, the outcome was the most surprising thing.

Travis WakemanI think the table bump that Sasha took was probably the moment of the night. Rarely do you see a woman do a spot like that, so you have to respect her willingness to do that. Aside from that, I don’t feel like there were a bunch of great moments to choose from, which is disappointing for an event of this caliber, with three Hell in a Cell matches on the card. You didn’t see much in the Reigns-Rusev match aside from a nasty street fight and I’d throw out the entire Owens-Rollins match simply due to the interference from Jericho.

Daniel DeMarcoKevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins was full of awesome moments and easily gets the nod. The nasty Falcon Arrow on the ring’s edge, Rollins and Owens saving the powerbomb spot and gutting through it with sheer strength to send Owens through the table. They put on a PPV-caliber match when few other matches delivered on the card. The ref-bump spot was really cheesy.

Of all things, the ref has to be pulled out before he got a bit of fire extinguisher spray? OK. And obviously we are going to see some of these guys since Owens did not win on his own. If they are looking to top this match, they are in for a tough time. Oh, and the pair did a great job of making the most of the Cell in present day when they are so limited in many ways. Hats off to Owens and Rollins. 

In the end, did the women’s Hell in a Cell match deliver? 

JNMy expectations were high, but tempered, and the women exceeded them.

I’d go as far as saying that the match was the single most important women’s bout of all-time — in a HIAC, and closing the show — and both women performed well above anyone’s wildest dreams. 

It will be interesting to see if fans use faulty furniture against “rating” the performances, but even with one table being too weak and the other too sturdy, it was easily the match of the night.

JHLike I said, it was pretty much what I expected. I think Banks and Flair did enough to live up to the hype without doing too much. The Mick Foley-esque stretcher spot was cool, but it did drag on a bit longer. Otherwise, it was a solid HIAC match.

TWNo. I can’t exactly say what my expectations were, but I certainly don’t want to hear fans referring to that match as a “classic”, though I totally expect them to. First off, I hated the Mick Foley 1998 rerun of Sasha getting loaded onto a stretcher only to come back and keep fighting. However, I will admit that she sold her injuries quite well.

I was convinced that they were going to end the match like that. Then, I was shocked by the ending. Having Charlotte win the title in Sasha’s hometown was mind-boggling. I can already hear the complaints of WWE favoring Charlotte, though I feel those complaints are warranted. Why does Charlotte always seem to get the “bigger” wins in this rivalry?

DD: Eh. Yes and no. As far as hitting WWE’s mark of the huge hype put into the match, they missed it by a mile like most of us expected. As far as my lowered expectations of what I figured they could realistically do, Banks and Charlotte did a fine job.

The beginning of the match was a nice change of things and a fresh beginning to the match. The whole segment of Banks’ injury and trying to take her out on a stretcher was way over the top and overindulgent in trying to get sympathy for Banks. Come on now, the crazy bumps wrestlers have taken in the past and you want me to believe an announcer table bump is enough to call a whole match off? Please. But once things got back to actual business, they put on a fine match. The ending was sudden and anti-climatic, but everything leading up to it was about as good as it could have been given the circumstances. 

What’s the biggest question you have heading into Raw?

JNWhat happens next with Kevin Owens.

It appears as though Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins are set to feud, and Survivor Series is only a few weeks off, so it will be interesting to see what the WWE does with the Universal Champion.

Maybe it is something as easy as having him “captain” Raw’s five-man team for Survivor Series to bide some time, but even that doesn’t really answer the question.

Honestly, because Rollins is likely moving on, there is now no ready-made challengers awaiting for him.

JHWhere do Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins go from here. The educated guess would be that Rollins attempts to avenge Jericho’s interference. So what does that leave the champion with? Or does the feud now lead to a triple threat where Owens and Jericho must put their friendship aside? We’ll have to find out on Raw, I suppose.

TWHow will Seth Rollins respond to his latest defeat? Clearly, it seems he needs help in dealing with Chris Jericho, so where will he turn for that? Is WWE going to put him in a feud with Jericho and if so, who will step up to face Kevin Owens? I feel like the main event of the show needs a full shakeup, so hopefully there is some creative booking starting this Monday so fans are given something fresh.

DD: I want to know how WWE is going to continue the feud of Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Because obviously that is what is happening. All the twists and turns that have taken place over the last few months, this was just the latest twist. It did not feel like a finale in any way. But since the heel won straight up, what’s the angle you take? How does Banks stay in the picture to keep going after Charlotte? Perhaps WWE just takes a break on it. Who knows. But that ending leaves a lot of questions.

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