Gallagher’s character poses questions on main roster

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One of the Cruiserweight Classic’s most popular superstars is coming to Monday Night Raw.

British wrestler Jack Gallagher confirmed he will be part of Raw’s new cruiserweight division, which will debut on Aug. 22.

Gallagher became a quick favorite during his CWC run thanks to his unique look, entertaining character and unorthodox wrestling style. The grappler mixes classic British wrestling with an MMA background, while presenting himself as someone who can “keep it gentlemanly as long as the other person keeps it gentlemanly.”

Gallagher advanced to the second round of the tournament before being eliminated by Akira Tozawa. But not before stealing the hearts of color commentator Daniel Bryan and the CWC audience.

While it seemed like a long-shot for Gallagher to join WWE full-time, apparently the company is on board with bringing him in for it’s flagship show. Still, it’s not guaranteed that he will be used properly.

What makes Gallagher so great is what could also be his downfall. His character is a throwback, his style is different and his look is unorthodox for a WWE Superstar. While hardcore fans love it, the casual audience might not be so accepting at first glance.

WWE management could also be impatient with Gallagher. Perhaps they won’t understand his gimmick or style, which will obviously hurt his chances at success.

There is, however, reason to believe that Gallagher will succeed in Raw’s cruiserweight division. The division itself provides reason for optimism.

Gallagher will be facing other wrestlers his own size, which prevents him from being fed to larger superstars like Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman. The British grappler is more likely to win clean against another cruiserweight than against one of WWE’s heavyweights during a big push.

Also, WWE has invested plenty of time and effort into promoting the new cruiserweight division. In that case, its superstars shouldn’t be booked poorly.

Every new cruiserweight needs to establish himself to the Raw audience, which means many of the non-WWE moves displayed in the CWC will likely be duplicated.

The competitors will need to wow the new audience, which means they will trade spots to build themselves up. It’s difficult to assume that any of the competitors won’t be protected from bad booking and should look strong even in defeat.

As far as Gallagher goes, there should be some skepticism about how he will be treated, but if the “New Era” is any indication so far, he should be fine. The notion that WWE will only hire bodybuilders with the “WWE look” continues to die with each passing week.

As of now, the world champions and No. 1 contenders on both shows are internet darlings with indie backgrounds. Kevin Owens is Raw’s Universal Champion and AJ Styles is one win away from being SmackDown’s. There’s no way anyone could have predicted that two years ago.

So yes, there’s a chance that Gallagher’s look and style doesn’t guarantee him an automatic title shot, but if the past few months have proven anything, WWE has put more of an emphasis on talent and fan support. The British grappler should remain one of the standout performers in WWE’s cruiserweight expansion and become a top competitor in the new division.

Gallagher’s character poses questions on main roster

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