What to expect from potential Brock-Shane feud

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It seems WWE is heading toward a Brock Lesnar-Shane McMahon feud. It all started at SummerSlam when McMahon tried to stop Lesnar’s attack on Randy Orton.

The Beast responded by giving the SmackDown commissioner an F-5. The next day, McMahon tweeted the following:

That alone should’ve started the speculation. But Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live added more fuel to the fire.

McMahon revealed that his sister, Stephanie, only fined Lesnar $500, which is pocket change to “The Beast,” adding that the situation between he and Lesnar was “far from over.”

So where do we go from here?

Well, considering Lesnar is not only a part-time Superstar, but also a member of the opposite brand, it seems like Shane will need to do the heavy lifting in building this feud. Likely, he will reiterate that he still has a beef with Lesnar every so often.

Remember when John Cena and The Rock announced their WrestleMania match one year prior to the actual event? Think along those lines with this angle.

McMahon and Lesnar won’t actually have a match until a big pay-per-view, like Survivor Series. Brock will only make a certain amount of appearances per year and he has to be close to exceeding his limit. Shane is not a wrestler full-time and only works matches every so often.

Regardless of whether you think McMahon is a believable opponent for Lesnar or not, he’s still a big name who is saved for big events. That’s why Survivor Series is the most realistic option.

So that gives us three months to build this feud. Again, McMahon cannot spend that time worried entirely about Lesnar, who will likely be on his secluded farm or hunting animals at that point. There is a chance Paul Heyman makes appearances in his client’s absence because, let’s be honest, Heyman will do most of the talking anyway. However, my guess is his new deal also provides him with a limited schedule so I don’t see him making many appearances without Lesnar.

Instead, McMahon will go about his business as SmackDown commissioner first and hint at the feud second, much like he did on Tuesday. Once Lesnar returns, the angle can actually start to move forward.

The interesting part will be Stephanie’s role in the feud. Sure, she’s the rival Raw commissioner and Lesnar is her talent, but given his beast-like dominance, she has to show some compassion for her brother’s well being, right? I can see her playing a major role in the buildup with Shane, especially prior to Lesnar’s return.

The weeks leading up to the match will likely center around McMahon and Heyman. The advocate will probably appear before his “Beast,” but not months ahead. Perhaps a few weeks prior to talk Shane out of his lunacy.

Heyman did yell at Brock to put McMahon down when he had him set up for an F-5. Surely, he can play both sides of the neurotic coin as a man who is both fearful of the Authority’s punishment yet provides a warning not to mess with his killing machine.

When Lesnar does return, expect him to get McMahon in another F-5. Maybe he’ll beat up some security guards, you know, standard Brock things. That logic will apply to the match as well, but will also be a typical Shane match as well.

What else do you expect at this point? Lesnar will come out swinging, land a bunch of suplexes, beat Shane unmercifully and hit an F-5. McMahon will kick out and do the “I won’t give up” routine, much like he did in his match with Undertaker.

That is why Shane is a great opponent for Lesnar beyond his own sporadic in-ring appearances. His character isn’t supposed to pose a legitimate threat, rather take a beating and continue to fight. He’s sort of like John Cena without the comeback.

But the feud itself will make sense. Both Superstars provide name value, which should attract attention. It will be delayed, but it will likely continue to gain steam in the coming months.

I don’t expect a wrestling clinic, rather the typical match from both, which has worked so why change it now? Brock-Shane could be an entertaining feud if handled properly and should be high on the Survivor Series card.

What to expect from potential Brock-Shane feud

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