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Expect breakout performances from Bayley, Strowman at Survivor Series

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Survivor Series is an event that has made legendary careers. It was where both the Undertaker and The Rock made their respective debuts.

It provided Dolph Ziggler with a heroic rally to defeat The Authority, despite facing 3-to-1 odds. And it was where two Raw superstars should get a big push.

So far, this year’s installment is shaping up to be a traditional Survivor Series pay-per-view. There will be three elimination tag team matches pitting Raw and SmackDown’s rosters against each other.

Both the men’s and women’s divisions will have Survivor Series matches, along with the tag team divisions from each show. Based on this week’s episode, many should expect big performances from Braun Strowman and Bayley in their respective matches.

So far, Strowman has been an unstoppable monster. But instead of putting him in a match of relevance, he’s been fed jobbers. Granted, it has worked, but he obviously needs some competition to be taken seriously.

This will be his first relevant pay-per-view match since separating from The Wyatt Family in July. Surely, WWE will keep him looking strong regardless of the match’s outcome.

At best, Strowman will make a few eliminations and survive until the end, although it may be doubtful with Raw’s entire Universal Championship picture on his team. But even if he’s eliminated, he’ll still be booked favorably.

There’s no way Strowman is going to take the first pinfall. If anything, his elimination will be something monumental for the opposing participant. But the smart money is on him to continue being booked as an unstoppable monster heel.

Bayley’s situation is a bit more interesting. So far, WWE has done what everyone feared: treat her like an afterthought. In fairness, what did you expect? Sasha Banks and Charlotte have dominated the spotlight since Bayley’s main roster debut and the company couldn’t just thrust her into a title reign.

The same people who would have celebrated that initially would be posting “DAE think Bayley is overrated” shortly after on Reddit. Instead, it seems to be taking a steady approach with the former NXT Women’s Champion. She’s winning feuds, but the major ones loom.

Bayley has been saddled in an angle with Dana Brooke. That’s all you need to know. Brooke provided a segment so bad that the crowd chanted “boring.” Could you imagine a crowd chanting “boring” at a Bayley segment during her NXT run?

But she did pick up the victory over Brooke at Hell in a Cell, which is what’s most important. Now she’ll be a member of Team Raw alongside Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax, as well as two other soon-to-be-named participants (probably Banks and someone else).

It would seem obvious that this was already a great opportunity for Bayley to have a breakout performance, especially given her underdog booking. But on Monday’s Raw, Flair berated her as the “weak link” of the team.

So unless she’s going to prove otherwise, the promo is just a burial. If Bayley doesn’t have a breakout performance for Team Raw, what is she other than a weak link? How does that help her in the long run when WWE does decide to give her a Women’s Championship push?

Bayley will need to pull off an elimination or two to be taken seriously moving forward, especially after just accepting Flair’s scathing remarks. The underdog character is perfect for her, but eventually she’s going to have to actually overcome her adversity.

Fans should expect to see breakout performances from both Strowman and Bayley at Survivor Series. It’s still too soon to tell how the matches will turn out, but that’s something that seems obvious, at least for now.

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