Examining Sasha Banks’ potential partners for Battleground

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This Sunday, Sasha Banks’ ongoing rivalry with Charlotte and Dana Brooke will come to a head, when “The Boss” finally gets her opportunity at revenge.

Over the last month, Sasha has been subjected to a number of handicap assaults, but she has now been given the opportunity to choose a tag-team partner to even the odds for their next encounter.

Fans have been speculating for weeks as to who Sasha will enlist in her efforts to overthrow the second-generation WWE Women’s Champion, but there’s really no way of knowing who it’s going to be until their music hits on Sunday night at Battleground.

That being said, there’s no harm in a bit of guesswork.

While there is only one person that comes to mind as to who would drive the WWE Universe absolutely insane, there are still a select few candidates who would benefit tremendously from the opportunity, and would make for an interesting partner for Sasha as she goes head-to-head with Charlotte and Dana Brooke on Sunday.



Though she is one of the most well-versed members of the women’s division, Paige would likely be the most anti-climactic choice of partner for Sasha Banks. That being said, she does fit the bill.

Logically, Sasha should be on the hunt for a partner with equal disdain for Charlotte as she has, and Paige has some history with the champion. Not only did the two engage in a lengthy feud last year, but Paige holds a pinfall victory over Charlotte from a month ago, which has yet to be rewarded.

Allowing Paige to join Sasha would quickly cement her as a threat to the championship, and though not the desired result of the fans, could easily be redeemed due to Paige’s popularity.


Nia Jax

After being called up to Monday Night Raw in the WWE draft, Nia Jax may be the most likely candidate to team with Sasha Banks at Battleground on Sunday.

We’ve never seen much in the way of interaction between these women, what with the two having been on opposite ends of the WWE spectrum over the last nine months, but it’s not difficult to consider why anybody would want Nia Jax by their side, even if it’s just for one night.

Over the last few weeks, Charlotte and Dana Brooke have been using the numbers game to stay one step ahead of Sasha Banks. What better way is there to turn the tables and send them into retreat than with the most intimidating woman on the roster?

There are going to be a lot of people who don’t know Nia Jax as we head into the brand extension, but having her demolish the champion in her debut match would be the best way to introduce her. Don’t expect her to be a people person for long, however. A snappy heel turn the next night might be what she needs to kick off her monstrous run with a bang.



For a while now, Naomi has been teasing her return on social media, with hints that she’s going to be undergoing some major changes. It would make sense if one of them came in the form of a face turn.

Although her heel turn last year was a necessary next step for her career, it may be best for her to switch back at this point. She has always been a popular member of the roster, and it would also even things up in terms of heroes and villains on SmackDown Live’s women’s division.

Though Naomi wouldn’t be joining Sasha, Charlotte and Dana on Raw, allowing her to return on a big stage like Battleground would remind everyone why Naomi is a force to be reckoned with, and that although SmackDown Live’s female roster might be dwindling, it’s still got talent.

Sasha Banks may not have too many friends on the WWE roster right now, but as a former Team B.A.D. member, we know she and Naomi have chemistry. Maybe that’s what she needs to counteract the onslaught of Charlotte and Dana Brooke once and for all.


Nikki Bella

At a glance, Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella don’t exactly spell “dream team,” but when there’s a common enemy involved, opposites can attract any day of the week.

We haven’t seen Nikki in action since a career-threatening injury took her out of the game last year, following her rivalry with Charlotte in which the daughter of Ric Flair took the championship.

But she has been working very hard to get back in the ring, and speculation has been running rampant as to when we’re going to see it happen. Battleground is as good a place as any.

There is the issue going forward from that, in which Charlotte and Sasha Banks will be feuding through to SummerSlam and Nikki Bella might get lost somewhere on the Raw roster, but it is still a huge way to introduce Nikki as one of Raw’s last-minute acquisitions.

A lot of fans may not like Nikki Bella because she stands for something quite far from that of Sasha Banks, but she is the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. That kind of thing goes a long way, and a return would be big news for WWE.

The potential is definitely there to pair Nikki with several of WWE’s newest faces, and she could really surprise us as a formidable ally for WWE’s resident “Boss.”



Easily the most obvious choice, Bayley has been ready to be called up to the main roster for a long time. She’s been waiting for her call ever since last summer when three of her Four Horsewomen companions were brought up to usher in the Divas Revolution.

While her friends found success on WWE’s flagship shows, she would go on to win the NXT Women’s Championship and carry the title with pride for the best part of eight months.

She currently finds herself as a top contender to the very same championship, and will likely receive the opportunity to become the very first two-time women’s champion in NXT history very soon, a distinction that I’m sure a lot of fans would say she doesn’t need before she reaches her promotion.

Now that Bayley has achieved everything she has to down in Full Sail University, there’s no time like the present to bring her up to WWE’s main roster ahead of the brand extension.

Even if you exclude the real-life friendship of Bayley and Sasha Banks, NXT’s resident hug-enthusiast still makes for a logical option to team with Sasha Banks at Battleground. The two engaged in some of 2015’s greatest match-ups, proving Bayley as a worthy competitor in the WWE. Why wouldn’t you want that kind of talent in your corner?

There are a few setbacks to this scenario, what with Bayley’s exclusion from the WWE draft this week, as well as Sasha Banks’ open denial that Bayley would be her partner on Sunday.

But the idea remains that nobody would make a more popular choice than Bayley, and WWE should utilize this opportunity to promote her to the main roster before the opportunity to capitalise on her popularity starts to fade away.

Examining Sasha Banks’ potential partners for Battleground

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