Enzo and Cass’ chemistry outweighs singles potential

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Big Cass and Enzo Amore have fantastic chemistry together, and you can’t teach that.

These two are exactly what a tag team should be. They complete each other and cover each other’s weaknesses. Everyone can see dollar signs in Big Cass, but that does not mean Enzo should be left behind.

The Big Cass singles push is coming, maybe even sooner than expected after his strong outing in the Universal Championship Fatal 4-Way. But looking at how Cass and Enzo became so popular, and how history has treated tag teams that have broken up, these two should be kept as a package deal.

When Enzo and Cass made their debut on Raw, some fans didn’t know what to think about these Superstars. But eventually, they found their groove and fans caught on to the gimmick. The reason they got over so well is almost exclusively because of Enzo. This isn’t saying that Big Cass is not talented or anything of the sort. Both of them are not great workers, but Enzo’s promos are unbelievably great. He’s funny and charismatic and knows how to get the crowd going. Big Cass knows exactly how to ad-lib and play off of Enzo. He knows when to just sit back and let Enzo do his thing.

When Enzo was hurt, Cass did a fine job of working by himself and getting reactions without Enzo. But it just wasn’t the same when “Smacktalker Skywalker” wasn’t out there with him. This is why they should never split up.

On the other side of the coin, if Enzo wants to continue as an in-ring competitor, he needs Big Cass to succeed. His singles match with Chris Jericho proved that he has a lot of work to do inside the ring to improve. Enzo is great at selling and working towards that hot tag to Big Cass. And Big Cass is great at the hot tag. They can have a great run as a tag team because they have proved they can have awesome tag team matches.

When it comes to singles runs after breaking up tag teams, history shows that run will be kind to only one or neither of the two members.

Just to name a few of the great teams from the Attitude Era: The New Age Outlaws, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz all split up with varying success.

The New Age Outlaws split and Billy Gunn won the King of the Ring tournament back when that was a real accomplishment. When the Dudleyz split they were both irrelevant in WWE, but in TNA Bubba became Bully Ray, and had a good run as a heel world champion. Jeff and Matt Hardy were broken up and Jeff went on to become WWE Champion, and one of the most beloved babyfaces ever in WWE at the time. Matt had a number of entertaining singles feuds, but it ultimately took him until 2015 to win a major world championship in TNA.

All of these teams that were broken up ended up getting back together eventually, and Jeff Hardy has been the only one to become a real star.

There are exceptions to every rule of course, and this case there is Edge and Christian. Both members of this team went on to become world champions and Edge a WWE Hall of Famer.

Enzo and Cass don’t have to compete in tag team matches forever. Big Cass can be a world champion and Enzo can be his manager, as many have often suggested. Enzo could compete for a singles title and Cass can be in his corner to have his back. There are ways to let them grow and flourish while still staying true to each other. Hopefully WWE can find a way to let that happen.

Enzo and Cass’ chemistry outweighs singles potential

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