The Dudley Boyz must be used post-draft

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The dawning of the New Era has saturated the WWE tag team division with rising stars.

Unfortunately, this has left a legendary tag team in The Dudley Boyz on the bleachers. But considering they still have so much to give to the WWE, D-Von and Bubba Ray need to be utilized to their fullest before they leave wrestling for good.

The WWE Draft gives the pairing the chance to step into the Chris Jericho role within the tag team division. For the past few years, Jericho has hovered around the main event and upper midcard scene, competing against those who are going to be key figureheads as WWE transitions into the New Era. He never won any the feuds he took part in, but he did not have to. Why?  He’s Chris Jericho, a multi-time world champion and legend within professional wrestling. He never needed a win because he has nothing left to accomplish; those who he shared the ring with did, and he made good on giving them the torch to entertain a whole new generation of fans.

The Dudley Boyz should be used in an identical role. Since debuting in Extreme Championship Wrestling, they have captured 24 tag team titles in ECW, WWE, TNA and NJPW, making them the most decorated tag team in the history of professional wrestling. It is obvious that they are not going to be promoted as the tag team of the future in their current WWE run, but they are in a position to give that title to someone else.

Spring and summer have not been kind to the Dudleys, as they have been pushed to the side in order to allow WWE to promote fresh tag teams such as Enzo & Cass, The Vaudevillians and The New Day. Having the deepest roster in years has afforded WWE to focus primarily on these teams. However, the completion of the WWE Draft will necessitate a stretching of the roster that forces any and all members of the roster to be impact players. This is where The Dudley Boyz come in.

Bubba Ray and D-Von are going to be crucial to the continuation of the tag team renaissance that has been taking place within WWE in recent months. Since coming back to the WWE, The Dudley Boyz have not been used to their fullest potential, showing that the WWE may not know what they acquired when re-signing them.

Their feud with The New Day allowed Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods to soar to new heights, but there are plenty of other teams that could use a similar rub. Oddly enough, their defeat to The New Day signaled an interruption to their television time. After Tuesday night, the value that is left in The Dudley Boyz must be used to consistently usher the members of the New Era that have yet to debut on main WWE programming.

WWE has not denied that certain members of NXT may be part of Tuesday night’s draft. Should they be included, American Alpha and The Revival are more than ready for main roster attention. Should they be brought up, or whenever they happen to be brought up, The Dudley Boyz need to be their gateway. Bubba Ray and D-Von can still consistently perform, but their productivity is on borrowed time as they approach the twilight years of their career. As they gear up for their final runs, it is crucial for Amercian Alpha and The Revival, as well as many of the aforementioned tag teams, to go through the Dudleys in order to affirm that they are going to continue being contenders within WWE’s tag tram division.

The tag teams of the New Era are in the process of cementing their own legacies. It would take a Herculean effort to earn a legacy, one that compares to, The Dudley Boyz. In order to give them the credibility to reach these heights, WWE needs to make sure that Bubba Ray and D-Von are in a strategic position to pass the torch over to the New Era. The Dudleys are above a 25th tag team championship run at this point because they are, until they choose to walk away into the sunset, tag team wrestling. Until that day comes, WWE must use them to give someone else the chance to do the same.

The Dudley Boyz must be used post-draft

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