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Dissecting WWE Dialogue: Jericho has had enough

It’s a new week and as the roads to Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series sharply curve toward the end of the line, plenty of members of the WWE roster had important things to get off of their chest.

These are some of the best quotes of the week from WWE television.

Charlotte explains why she is the best female wrestler in the world

“You’re looking at this entirely the wrong way. That’s why I am the very best. Because I am always 100 percent. When the lights are on and I step into that ring, everyone knows that I am the woman.” – Charlotte responding to Lita asking about Sasha Banks wrestling injured.

On Monday Night Raw this week, WWE aired a pair of taped interviews. They both featured Lita as the interviewer, asking questions first of Charlotte and later on Sasha Banks. The pieces were short but effective, and came off smooth and focused in the environment from which they were presented. If WWE is headed in the direction that will see more of these interviews, then it has found a great way to enhance the rivalries it is presenting.

In Charlotte’s interview, Lita asked the two-time Women’s Champion if it was less impactful to defeat Sasha when “The Boss” was less than 100 percent. Her response was a great way to look at the situation. Sasha Banks may be the best on any given night, but she isn’t the very best because she isn’t durable like Charlotte is. What separates the two women is that one of them doesn’t miss shows. In fact, she is always present and wins when it counts every time.

Sasha has missed significant time since being called up to the main roster. That has cost her dearly. She wasn’t able to make a big impact during the first few months of the Women’s Revolution. Most recently, the back injury that she already had when she defended the title at SummerSlam led directly to her loss. Banks has a nagging injury, and that makes her vulnerable. Charlotte does not, and it gives her the physical advantage (and possibly psychological as well) as the women head toward the history-making Hell in a Cell.

Jericho is very close to putting Kevin Owens on his list

“I’m Chris Jericho. I’m a six-time WWE Champion. I’m not your lackey, I’m not your sidekick, and I told you not to come down.” – Chris Jericho’s reaction to Kevin Owens interfering in his match after Jericho told him that he wanted to do it on his own.

For the entirety of his on-screen relationship with Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho has come across looking like a dog following his owner. It started out innocently enough, with Owens coming to the aid of his fellow Canadian when nobody else wanted to have his back. Once this happened, though, Owens knew that he had gained a very important asset.

Owens has been exploiting Jericho for his own personal gain after very easily earning his trust with a simple showing of solidarity. Over the past few weeks, it has become obvious that Owens has ulterior motives regarding the friendship. Chris Jericho has begun to realize what Owens is doing. He has balked at a few statements made by the Universal Champion, and he is getting fed up with hearing that one member of the team has to be kept strong. Of course, the one taking the bullet every single time has been Jericho, which has added to the paranoia of the first ever Undisputed Champion.

The crowd is ready and willing to cheer Jericho again. He has been extremely entertaining lately, especially with the creation of “The List of Jericho” and his ability to play off of Owens, Tom Phillips and anybody else he interacts with. He has a great foil in Kevin Owens, who the crowd has no problem cheering against. The people will go absolutely nuts when he finally punches “KO” right in the mouth.

Is anybody truly upset that Curt Hawkins didn’t wrestle?

“Great, Apollo! Just great! You just ruined my big debut. And you deprived all these people of seeing me live in action tonight. I’m leaving.” – Curt Hawkins after getting punched in the face by Apollo Crews before their match.

There is a big problem with this. What WWE is doing with Hawkins is exactly what was done with the debut (or lack thereof) of Eva Marie, right down to the voiceover being used for his entrance. Hers was much more effective, however, because the fans already have a built-in disdain for her that elicits far, far more emotion than what they may or may not feel for Curt Hawkins.

WWE had the opportunity to bring Curt Hawkins into the fray as a solid guy to bolster the mid card. Instead, he’s going to be more annoying than entertaining. He doesn’t have the kind of heat that Eva Marie had and it’s not going to get over. Oh well.

Baron Corbin lays out his priorities to Daniel Bryan and Renee Young

“I’m here to make money. If I have a friend and all of a sudden they’re saying hey, tonight you have a match with this person and you’re friends with him. Somebody might hold back. I’m not. I’m going to step on somebody’s throat. I’m going to get the job done for me, I’m going to collect my check, and I’m going to continue to climb that ladder.” – Baron Corbin on not having friends in WWE.

One of the guests this week on “Talking Smack” was Baron Corbin. Earlier on in the night he assaulted Jack Swagger and picked up a quick and decisive victory. Corbin, similar to Braun Strowman on Raw, is looking for better, higher level competition. Strowman is just getting more wrestlers to fight at the same time, but Corbin is looking to move up the ladder, especially after essentially eating former world champion Jack Swagger alive.

The quote above is a perfect look inside the head of “The Lone Wolf.” He stated later on in the segment that he does have a fiance at home and a close group of friends, but none of them work for WWE. He isn’t the kind of guy to make friends in a violent environment because he isn’t going to potentially put himself in a position that can lead to him severely injuring somebody that he considers a friend. Corbin is about carving a path by using destruction to clear his roadway up the mountain. Having close friends can hamper him on his way to the top.

Corbin was, in general, a great guest for the show. He was calm and collected, which is a great human trait for him to be able to convey. In NXT he was significantly robotic and stiff when speaking — much like many other guys, though, when he’s given the microphone and a bit of an idea as to what they want him to say, he can add his own personality and create the character that he can best portray on the way to being successful.

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