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Dissecting WWE Dialogue: Goldberg setting us up for disappointment

(Courtesy of WWE)

We’re less than one week removed from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event and only two weeks away from Survivor Series. There is a heck of a lot going on right now.

Let’s see how our favorite wrestlers are reacting to their HIAC matches and addressing their upcoming Survivor Series matches.

Bayley drops the mic in the cutest way possible

“Charlotte, I’ve known you for years now, and it’s clear that success has gone straight to your head. Because you’ve just become, you’ve just become the biggest jerk.” – Bayley on Charlotte’s behavior since achieving main roster success.

I wonder if Mick Foley actually did describe Bayley as a possible “weak link” for the Survivor Series tag match. Probably not, but it’s almost something worth looking into, because maybe, deep down, Mick does feel that way. Or maybe he said it to Charlotte because he knew that she would say something to Bayley, and it would spark a little something extra in the Hugger.

Whether or not that’s the case, what is important to note is the reaction Bayley got from the crowd. She simply called Charlotte a “jerk” and the live audience reacted like she used a much stronger word. To put it more clearly, if Sasha Banks would have called Charlotte a jerk, the crowd would have been expecting more. If Sasha called Charlotte a certain name that is often used to describe a female dog, it would have received about the same reaction that Bayley’s insult received on Monday night.

Some people are saying that Bayley has lost all of the momentum she built on NXT when she was rushed up to the main roster, but I disagree. She was brought up quicker than expected when it looked like Sasha Banks was going to be out with a long-term injury, but that’s the nature of the business. Sometimes poor timing can lead to a good decision, and Bayley’s jump to RAW was a good decision.

Clearly, people care about Bayley. She gets a good reaction when her music hits, the audience pays attention to her matches and they understand her character. It’s a misnomer that the fans outside of NXT don’t “get” Bayley. They do. If you can’t see that, you might want to try paying attention. The girl called someone a jerk and the crowd acted like a mic drop was the next appropriate step to take.

This is going to be worse than WrestleMania XX

“I haven’t been in the ring yet. That’s the one thing after those 12 years that is probably the most important to reacquaint yourself with, but I’m going in for one match. I’m not going to get into the ring for 20 days straight to reacclimate myself to hitting the ropes because, hopefully, the only thing that will be hitting is my fist hitting Brock’s face and him hitting the mat, so the reality is I’m going to be taken to Suplex City. I’m going to take some suplexes in this thing. Yeah, but it is what it is. It ain’t like I didn’t play in the NFL, dude. I may be old, but I know what I’m getting myself into.” – Goldberg, speaking on Booker T’s podcast about training for his match with Brock Lesnar.

As a long-time and very proud fan of professional wrestling, this is sickening to me. I don’t know how Booker T didn’t jump across whatever desk they were sitting at and try to strangle the guy. Who he is and what he has done means nothing when he hasn’t competed in a real or simulated sport in 12 years. He’s done some different martial arts training, and I’m sure he is generally “in shape,” but that means nothing when it comes to wrestling. It’s a different beast altogether.

The debacle that happened at WrestleMania XX was memorable for how bad it was and how little either guy cared about what they were doing. We already know Brock Lesnar doesn’t care. Now Bill Goldberg is telling us that he doesn’t care either.

Is it great that his kid gets to watch him wrestle? Yes. As a father, I understand that 100 percent. Is it great that he feels like he gets to be a superhero one more time in front of kids all over the world? Yeah, sure. Why not? Goldberg seems top-notch. Goldberg the wrestler has always been underprepared while thinking he was at the top of his game.

This isn’t the NFL, dude. Yes, you are old. But you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. If you did, then you would be getting into a ring and spending some significant time getting yourself prepared.

There’s no way he will be able to get into the oft-referenced “ring shape,” but that’s fine. This match isn’t going to be about putting on a technical classic. The issue is that he’s going to get in the ring with a gigantic man who doesn’t put much thought into what happens to the guy he throws around. One suplex from Brock is going to put Goldberg on dream street if he doesn’t get the heck inside of a ring and start taking bumps immediately.

I also love that during the interview, he talked about how he has been practicing footwork. That’s gotta be working out well, seeing as he fell on his ass on RAW before he barely touched Rusev.

Suddenly this match has become so much more exciting to me. Not only will this be a WrestleMania XX rematch, but it may also be a WrestleMania XX repeat.

Daniel Bryan takes charge 

“Do you wanna know what you’re best at? It certainly isn’t wrestling. So if you want, go. Go run your mouth behind the commentators desk. Leave the real fighting to the superstars. Last week, you turned down an opportunity for Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship. But guess what? There are a ton of guys in the back that would love that opportunity. So why don’t you sit there, and you talk, and you run your mouth, while Dolph Ziggler comes out here and defends his Intercontinental Championship in an open challenge right now!” – Daniel Bryan on The Miz’s continued cowardice.

The continuation of the storyline of The Miz and Daniel Bryan butting heads has just been amped up. Daniel Bryan left Miz off of his team at Survivor Series because he refused to take a rematch against Dolph Ziggler last week.

While it is a couple of months removed and wasn’t as great as what Miz did on Talking Smack, this was Bryan’s official rebuttal to what The Miz said to him that night. As passionate as he sounded, in the end, The Miz is still a talker and negotiator first, pro wrestler second. Daniel Bryan hit him with that exact sentiment on SD Live this week, and it cost Miz big time, because now he doesn’t know when he might get his title rematch.

Of course, the “challenge” for Ziggler was the goofy Curt Hawkins, but what matters is that somebody else got a shot at Ziggler’s title before Miz did. And chances are that it’s going to continue to happen until Miz decided to play by everybody’s rules, not just by his own.

I think that it’s also important to note that Daniel Bryan isn’t being unfair to The Miz. He has set the same standards for everyone on his roster, and they all must meet them. Miz is spitting in Bryan’s face, and has been since the outburst on Talking Smack. Yet, as much as he hates him, Bryan is still in Teddy Long mode, even when it comes to The Miz.

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